15 square small apartment decoration notes ultra-small apartment housing decoration skills

Nowadays house prices are increasing. Therefore, there are mini-sized houses in many big cities. The size of these houses is only 15 square meters, which is very suitable for those single people to live in. Therefore, 15 square small apartment renovation should pay attention to those , 15 square small apartment decoration what skills, the following article will give you a brief introduction.

15 square small apartment decoration notes

1. Furniture must not be chosen too much, because the interior space is limited and it is best to choose a mini.

2, 15 square small apartment color decoration should be brighter, people look more transparent, to make full use of the lighting effect, but also need to pay attention to the harmony of the overall environment.

3, in the 15 square small apartment renovation to make full use of the wall, because space is limited, you can install a few hooks on the wall as a wardrobe, you can also install a few lockers, but we need to If you decorate it, it will look disorganized.

15 square small apartment decoration skills

1, color selection

The color of the wall can not use those colors with strong colors. The best use of warm colors is more appropriate. Excessive colors can make people feel oppressive. The color of the ground should be heavier than the color of the furniture, otherwise it will give people A sense of anticlimactic, it is best not to use too many partition settings, it is best to use a soft partition, such as glass windows, curtains, which is more suitable for those partitions 15 square small apartment renovation of the house.

2, layout pattern

In those 15-square-small apartment renovations, it is best to place the bed against the wall or by the window. The window can be set to move and push-pull type, and you can also choose blinds. It is better to choose a curtain with better shading performance, or else The strong sunshine will make Nepal unbearable. If the room has a strange pattern, it is better to arrange the position of the window according to the pattern and make full use of every space.

3, choose a multifunctional furniture

Because of the relatively small space, ultra-small-sized houses should be the first choice for furniture with high versatility and practicality, such as multi-layer storage shelves and relatively high closets. It's best to put the TV directly on the wall to save space. In these ultra-small family houses, large mirrors should be renovated, which will give people a visual magnified feeling, but the mirrors also need to be rationally used. If too many people use them, they will cause dizziness. It is better not to put them in the room. Two or more large mirrors.

Article Summary: The above is about 15 square small apartment decoration notes and 15 square small apartment decoration skills related presentations, hoping to give you some help, small-sized houses must pay attention to the use of space, through a reasonable decoration design for small units The house also looks warm and comfortable.

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