What are the key points of autumn radish management?

The key points of autumn radish management should pay attention to the following points:
According to the autumn sputum and market requirements, the disease-resistant varieties are selected. Mainly based on green skin varieties. The sowing period is appropriately postponed during the dry season, avoiding the sensitive period of high temperature and drought. Intercropping with the field crops, try to avoid the continuous cropping and neighboring of cruciferous vegetables. Take sorghum live broadcast, watering more during the seedling period, lowering the ground temperature. Proper late seedlings. During the dry period, the seedling stage should be shortened, the weeding and weeding should be carried out in time, and the weak seedlings should be removed. In the seedling stage, timely control of aphids and yellow strips.
It can be trapped by yellow plate or sprayed with insecticidal wettable powder. There is no ideal therapeutic agent when virus disease occurs. In the early stage of the viral disease, you can use the new high-fat membrane + plant cell immune factor to prevent and prevent the infection of the bacteria, improve the plant resistance, and make the virus DNA break and apoptosis. Strong immune function, induce interferon and active interleukin, inhibit residual virus replication, and promote positive energy ecological growth of plants.

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