Explain the reason for the "thrust ball bearing overheating"

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Explain the reason for the "thrust ball bearing overheating"

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When the outer spherical thrust ball bearing workpiece is severely overheated, the grain size is coarse; together, the amount of 8 iron wire in the steel is added; the hot working function of the workpiece is deteriorated easily. When the stainless steel accompanying body or the flange member is overheated; Disadvantages of appearance: coarse workpieces arranged for overheating; optional forging and grain refining methods can be used to eliminate the disadvantages; avoiding the appearance of orange peel appearance when the workpiece is cold deformed; improving the appearance quality of the workpiece.
Can check the motor thrust ball bearing; can the motor thrust ball bearing play lack (cooperative selection fault); thus the inner ring side over-fire swell; cause the thrust ball bearing to overheat, the thrust ball bearing inside is too tight; the tightening sleeve has been over Tight; will also cause the thrust ball bearing to overheat, the sealing device is wrong; conflict to the stop component, the preloaded thrust ball bearing is installed; it will also cause overheating, the R axis is not straight or the outer ring will also cause overheating, the shaft scale is too large or The axis of the axle box is too large.
It is generally assumed that if the thrust ball bearing is fixed at one end and the device is moved at one end, the additional axial load can be eliminated, and the pure radial load can be accepted according to the thrust ball shaft for analysis and calculation. Actually, when the wind turbine shaft changes due to temperature When an axial load of elasticity or other cause is applied to the thrust ball bearing, an axial load is applied. Only when the load reaches a certain value, the thrust ball bearing of the swimming end will swim, so that the load is not continuously added. It is said that the axial load cannot be completely eliminated by the movement of the thrust ball bearing. Although this value is not large (its size is related to the cooperation of the thrust ball bearing outer ring and the thrust ball bearing seat), the thrust ball bearing of certain varieties can Neglected. However, for double row spherical roller thrust ball bearings and double row spherical ball thrust ball bearings, the two rows of rolling elements are unevenly loaded due to the presence of load under the condition of smooth condition and constant rotation speed. The contact stress of a large row of rolling bodies and raceways is increased, which increases the effect of conflict and adds heat to the work of the thrust ball bearing.
The presence of other axial forces will also increase the number of loaded rolling elements on one side, and the number of collision points between the rolling element and the raceway will increase, and the heat generated by the thrust ball bearing will also be added. First of all, because of these two reasons, The temperature rise of the thrust ball bearing is too high. In this case, if the temperature rise of the thrust ball bearing is to be controlled within the regular range, it is necessary to try to improve the smooth condition or the speed of the thrust ball bearing.
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