Advantages and Disadvantages of 2016 Composite Floor Top Ten Counting Compound Flooring

Paving the floor is the first choice for most families when decorating a home. The top ten brands of composite floorboards can also be recognized as the quality of some composite floorings. Composite flooring is generally composed of four composite materials: the bottom layer, the substrate layer, the decorative layer and the wear-resistant layer. The main one is the wear layer. Let's take a look at the top ten brands of composite floorboards .

Composite floor ten brands of icon floor

Shengxiang and its shareholders already have 1.5 million mu of fast-growing forest, 8 base materials factories with an annual capacity of 2 million cubic meters, and 9 floor and accessories factories with an annual production capacity of 50 million square meters. St. Vincent Group has grown from its original main-strength wood flooring to today's wood flooring, three-layer solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, structural flooring, wooden doors, wardrobes, furniture, and other categories Industry group.

Ten floors of laminate flooring

The comfortable floor is located in the wooden floor capital - Nanxun, Zhejiang Province. From the beginning of the establishment to 20 years now, there are more than 1200 stores in the country. As a leader in the environmental protection floor, Relief Floor insists that “quality is life, and products are people. The production concept of "products" accounts for the top three sales in more than 400 wooden floor companies in Nanxun.

The top ten brands of laminate flooring Fringel

Fillinger's flooring was founded in 1921 by two brothers, Filinger. After more than 80 years of struggle, Flinginger has gradually developed into Europe's largest manufacturer of interior wagon furniture. It is a Mercedes-Benz and other famous cars. The company's supplier of wood products and famous furniture intermediate products supplier, has a reputation in the wood industry and holds several important patents, and gradually developed into a household brand covering all products of indoor civilian wood products.

Ten brands of composite flooring Del Der

Del is a leading professional wood floor brand service provider in China and has been committed to providing consumers with green, advanced technology and home-improvement products and cutting-edge home experiences for many years. In the floor raw materials processing, appearance processing and other aspects of a number of key product patented technology. Adhering to the business philosophy of “professionalism, dedication, and innovation”, DELL takes the brand as the core, builds core competitiveness around the home industry, and strives to make the Del brand one of the leading brands in the international home field.

Composite floor ten brands of nature

Nature Flooring (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 to produce, research, develop and sell natural solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, ecological flooring, and laminate flooring. Nature Flooring is a well-known trademark of China in China and is also the 500 most valuable brand in Asia.


Composite flooring ten brands of BES flooring

World Floor is a sub-product produced by Shenyang Best Wood Industry Co., Ltd. This company is a professional and technical company that integrates R&D, design, production, sales and service, and covers the "floor business department", "wood door business department", " Fast-growing Forest Substrate Business Unit and other large-scale joint-stock companies. Best Flooring is a selection of raw materials, produced in accordance with the most stringent European quality standards, ensuring excellent product quality.

Composite floor top ten brands living home Baroque

Living home Baroque is one of the three major brands of living homes. The products are marked by pure handwork, unique style and fine workmanship. The living home Baroque floor and Chinese antique floor patented products incorporate more design factors and convey the The exquisite pursuit of life leads the global style floor trend.

Composite floor ten brands of Rhine sunshine

Rhine Sunshine is a strong brand launched by Germany Krono Krono Wood Group in China. It inherits the idea of ​​Knorr's international development, relies on global manufacturing advantages, takes the international route, and interprets European simple fashion. The trees of the Rhine Sunlight are made of pine wood and poplar wood. After being peeled, cut into pieces, washed, to remove impurities, crushed and broken into pieces, wood fibers are produced to ensure a good "core" for a good floor.

Composite flooring ten brands of WorldFriends flooring

Shiyou Floor is the core product of Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. The World Friends Floor is mainly composed of solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and reinforced wood flooring, and a diversified industrial structure supplemented by stairs, wooden doors, and charcoal wood.


Composite floor ten brand of Yangzi floor

Yangzi Flooring is one of the largest wood floor manufacturers in China. It focuses on R&D, production, sales, and service of laminate flooring and laminated solid wood flooring. It has extensive professional experience in R&D, manufacturing, and deep industry. Influence.

Ten floors of laminate flooring

Shengda Forestry is a forestry enterprise that adheres to the development strategy of "forestry and board integration" in the field of forestry industry, has independent innovation ability, gives full play to ecological benefits, and realizes sustainable development. The first laminate flooring in our country is from Shengda.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring

1, compared with the traditional solid wood flooring, large size specifications

2, multi-color varieties, a wide range of floor lines

3, compared with ordinary flooring, more wear-resistant, high hardness

4, easy installation, the installation only need to match each other to form a precise bite, without glue.

5, good value for money (low price)

6, easy care, when greasy, stains, wipe with a small amount of cloth cleaning agent can be.

Composite floor defects:

1. The product is poorly repairable and must be replaced in the event of damage.

2. Compared with solid wood flooring, the density is higher and the foot feels slightly worse.

3. Due to the use of formaldehyde adhesives in the production process, there is a certain problem of formaldehyde emission.

Composite floor price list

St. Vincent flooring 400-1500/sq. Fringle 400-1400 RMB/sqm

Der Floor 100-300/sqm Nature 200-400 Yuan/sqm

Best floor 100-200 yuan / square meter living Baroque 300-600 / square meter

Rhine sunshine 200--500 yuan / square meters World Friends of the floor 300-400 yuan / square meter

Yangzi floor 100-200 yuan / square meter up to the floor 300-500 / square meter

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