Correct understanding of cracks in stainless steel composite panels and their treatment

In the case of stainless steel clad plates, improper use, if the operating method or the chemical composition of the base material of the welding process, will lead to the phenomenon of bending cracks such as welding of stainless steel clad plates. In order to solve this problem, after repeated tests, inspection practices and research, the stainless steel composite plates for repairing welding cracks were summarized and reminded to be repaired by referring to the following points:
The first, grinding wheel grinder is used to eliminate cracks, so it can reduce the edge of the crack hardening phenomenon, and then conduct penetrant inspection to confirm whether the crack is completely eliminated.
Second, determine what kind of electrode is selected by eliminating the depth of cracks for repair. After the stainless steel electrode, carbon steel electrode or electrical isolation layer, it will burst. If it is cracked, then use only stainless steel electrodes. If the groove is deep, a thin layer of carbon steel electrode welding is required. Then, the isolation layer is welded with a stainless steel electrode, welded, and then covered.
Third, put the fox horizontally or slow current without using crack repair welding.
Fourth, after each welding layer, it is necessary to immediately hammer the two sides of the weld, each about 50 mm.

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