What is a scissors staircase? Advantages and disadvantages of scissor stairs

Have you heard of the scissors staircase ? I believe that many people will miss the same doubts as Xiaobian. The stairs are not stairs. In fact, the stairs are also divided into many types. Scissor stairs are one of them. Do you really want to know what is a scissors staircase? Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to find out what is the scissors and stairs, the advantages and disadvantages of the scissors staircase!


What is a scissors staircase?

Scissor stairs are stairs that have two entrances and exits on each floor. These two stairs can be used at the same time. They belong to a special fire stairs. The stairs ensure that the population can be evacuated well in the event of an accident, ensuring accidental escape output, which is generally suitable for large shopping malls or canteens with large populations.

Scissor stairs advantages:

1. The staircase is light in appearance and high in appearance. The scissor-type staircase is a set of straight ladders with opposite directions. There is no corner, and the look is lighter and does not give a heavy feeling.

2. The stairs have fire and smoke prevention functions. Scissor stairs in general shopping malls or large buildings are equipped with fireproof and smokeproof partitions and air ducts under the stairs, so they have good fire and smoke prevention functions.

Scissor stairs disadvantages:

1. Because of the relatively complicated force principle of the stairs, the construction process is relatively cumbersome, the construction requires more working hours, and the construction difficulty of the workers is higher.

2. The stairs are a group of straight ladders with opposite directions, so more construction materials are needed than the general stairs, and the corresponding construction costs are also higher.

The role of the stairs:

1. Increase the ability of people to flow, and provide convenience for the flow of people. Large shopping malls and other large passengers and huge materials have complex internal structures. In the event of fire or other emergencies, multi-export scissor stairs can evacuate people as quickly as possible, helping people to escape quickly and reduce losses to a large extent.

2. The use of stairs in high-rise buildings can reduce the area of ​​public stairwells as much as possible, and reduce the width of stairwells to avoid unnecessary waste of land area. It is a safe and efficient fire exit channel so far. The use of scissor stairs in tall buildings can achieve maximum economic benefits


Stair design requirements:

1. In order to prevent sudden accidents such as fires, the scissor-type staircase must be equipped with a smoke-proof room at the entrance and exit, and a wind tunnel should be installed at the bottom of the stairs to ensure its safety.

In order to avoid the two vertical evacuation channels in the same space, it is necessary to set a solid wall in the middle of the two scissor stairs, which can well prevent one staircase from being covered by the dust to affect the use of the other staircase.

The above is what is the scissors staircase, the detailed answers to the advantages and disadvantages of the stairs, I do not know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our home encyclopedia!

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