How do domestic double-level ventilator brand manufacturers choose?

There are many kinds of ventilators, there are non-invasive and invasive points, as well as timing, constant volume, constant pressure, as well as ventilators for adults and children. Today we are talking about a dual-level ventilator for adults. How do domestic double-level ventilator brand manufacturers choose? The dual-level ventilator is better than the single-level ventilator. The dual-level ventilator outputs a higher inspiratory pressure and a lower expiratory pressure to help the patient breathe, allowing the patient to provide a higher inhalation when inhaling. The pressure keeps the airway open, provides a lower expiratory pressure during exhalation, and allows the patient to exhale smoothly while keeping the airway open.

The household type double-level ventilator wyiqacyil is mainly used to treat apnea syndrome, which is snoring and apnea during sleep. This kind of sleep disease can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cause various complications. So we must pay attention. Equipped with a home sleep ventilator to treat sleep apnea at home, eliminating the pain of hospital surgery, is the internationally recognized best way to treat sleep apnea. It is a very convenient and effective medical device.

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(Prang Medical Brand--S9600 S/T Double Level Ventilator)

S9600 S/T dual level ventilator for:
1. Simple obesity leads to snoring in the respiratory tract (nose and throat);
2, chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, turbinate hypertrophy, nasal septum bending, tongue root hypertrophy, uvula sulcus hypertrophy, tonsil hypertrophy, pharyngeal hypertrophy leading to upper respiratory tract snoring;
3, congenital mandibular short (small chin sputum) leading to upper respiratory tract snoring;
4, all snoring (snoring) accompanied by sleep apnea, suffocation, stop breathing, hypopnea, hypoxia, hypoxemia;
5. All medical monitoring diagnoses and reports of patients with mild to severe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

Benefits of the S9600 S/T Dual Level Ventilator:

1, sleep w22svlw snoring, respiratory obstruction, apnea, dry mouth, hypopnea, hypoxia, lethargy and other symptoms will be eliminated;

2. Eliminate all hidden dangers of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by hypoxia, and ensure health and recovery;

3, their sleep can be restored, and the lover and family members who have been plagued by the patient's snoring for a long time are saved, and the quality of sleep of the whole family is guaranteed.

4, full of energy, no longer sleepiness, health return, you can have more energy for work, life, social activities;

5, the use of ventilators is more than the long-term stagnation of the disease leading to prolonged life, for the elderly who have suffered from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a long-term life significance.

The ventilator shown above is a product produced by Supreme of Prang Medical. In order to further develop the domestic market, the company is looking for regional agents and online agents. Please consult for more details.
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