How to identify the quality of white masterbatch

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Many people seem to be strange but familiar with white masterbatch. Almost everyone has used it. It has bright color, bright color, high color strength, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness and strong hiding power. It is widely used in injection molding, blow molding, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, blown film, foaming, sheet, pipe, pumping, hollow, EVA, blowing, etc. Sheets, household appliances, toys, packaging materials, wire and cable, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and leisure products, packaging bags, packaging bottles and other plastic products industry.

How to identify the quality of white masterbatch?

Let us first understand the main technical indicators of white masterbatch:

1. Resistance to migration (level) [≥4]

2. Moisture content (%) [≤0.30]8, total color difference [≤1.50]

3. Melting temperature (oC) [125 ~ 200]

4, white masterbatch dispersibility: [colorless dots, stripes]

5, light fastness (grade) [5-8]

6, white masterbatch looks grainy, uniform particles, consistent color

7, heat resistance (grade) [≥ 4]

If the white masterbatch meets the above requirements, it can be judged that the white masterbatch is of good quality.

Precautions when using white masterbatch

First, in order to reduce the color difference of the color after the color matching, the white masterbatch should be diluted to control the mixing ratio, the filament is not less than 3% to 10%, the staple fiber is not less than 1% to 3%, and the monochromatic expanded continuous filament Spinning with three-color equipment, the white masterbatch must be fed into the extruder after mixing, and a mixing device can be added to the extruder section to increase the mixing capacity of the melt itself.

Second, the white masterbatch mixing method After the color silk color formula is determined, the white masterbatch is evenly dispersed in the polypropylene slice before spinning, which is the key to ensure the product quality. There are two specific mixing methods. One is the heavy method and the volume method. After the white masterbatch is melted in the extruder or in the rear part, it is injected into the polypropylene melt by a small extruder, and the uniformity is good.

3. When selecting white masterbatch, it should be selected according to the selection range. The polypropylene masterbatch has fine denier grade and coarse denier grade. The coarse denier white masterbatch color can not be used for fine denier color matching. For the monofilament denier of the fiber, choose the same level of white masterbatch.

Fourth, the white masterbatch selected is preferably the same manufacturer's product, and high-concentration white masterbatch should be used to reduce the cost. The pigment of the white masterbatch has high, medium and low grades. When matching the color, the white masterbatch of different grades should be properly selected according to the quality requirements of the fiber. In order to avoid the variation of the quality of the finished fiber due to the difference in pigment light and thermal stability, the color of the white masterbatch with the same light and heat stability level should be selected in accordance with the fiber quality, and the concentration of the coarse fiber is required for the fine fiber. Low, its white masterbatch application ratio is proportional to the square root of the fiber denier.

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