High Temperature Area Prevents Casting Aluminum Mold from Oxidation and High Temperature Corrosion

High Temperature Area Prevents Casting Aluminum Mold from Oxidation and High Temperature Corrosion

[China Aluminum Industry Net] Casting aluminum mold is a high-temperature heat-resistant abrasive tools, commonly used high-temperature heat-resistant abrasive steel production, the type of aluminum in the traditional steel casting mold production is semi-high-speed steel, in the use of mold in the industrial production, often Some chemical substances with strong chemical activity will be used. Because these substances are corrosive, they will produce localized corrosion surfaces or spots in the continuous operation, resulting in the continuous production of molds that may be used in the next production process. Hidden, affecting the quality of the next product link or intermediate semi-finished product, many years of research and development Zhisheng Weihua has a series of advantages such as high temperature, thermal insulation and anti-oxidation corrosion resistant coatings, high bonding strength, wide adaptability, and less pollution, and it has become a mechanical component. One of the important means of surface repair and reinforcement.

The protection of cast aluminum molds has become a priority for aluminum smelting or aluminum processing companies, and energy-saving continuous production increases the profitability of enterprises. Industrial energy conservation has become the most important topic now, reducing pollution, increasing product value, and enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises. High-temperature functional energy-saving coatings have become popular materials in the industrial market. The high-temperature smelting aluminum functional energy-saving coating on the market is based on the original smelting aluminum high-temperature coating, and the technical content is higher. The pollution hazard is almost zero. The high-temperature smelting aluminum functional energy-saving coating on the market mostly uses Zhisheng Weihua's special high-temperature solution, which can withstand temperatures of up to 2000°C, no flash point, fire retardant, no volatile matter, no pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body. , High hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to aging and Other technical breakthroughs, called smelting aluminum paint prince. Domestic high-temperature smelting aluminum functional energy-saving coating coating large-scale enterprise Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Dongtieying, Fengtai District, has relatively complete functional energy-saving coating types, high technical content, and wide performance, representing high-temperature smelting aluminum functional energy-saving coating materials: ZS- 1High-temperature insulation coating, ZS-233 high-temperature heat reflective coating, ZS-711 inorganic anti-corrosion coating, ZS-811 high temperature anti-corrosion coating, ZS-855 with embroidered anti-coke fire-resistant anti-corrosion coating, ZS-1021 high temperature closed antioxidant Coatings, ZS-1032 high oxidation resistant anti-corrosion coating, ZS-1041 smoke anti-corrosion coating, ZS-1051 high temperature transparent anti-oxidation flame retardant coating, ZS-1061 high temperature resistant far infrared radiation coating, ZS-1071 high temperature resistant adhesive, ZS-1091 high temperature resistant ceramic insulation coating. These high-temperature coatings are highly resistant to high temperatures of 1800°C. The company's ZS-1023 high-temperature metal anti-oxidation coating has reached a temperature of 3000°C. These Fengtai Dongtieying ZS high-temperature functional energy-saving coating materials are free of any volatile substances and are produced at room temperature and high temperatures. No odor, high temperature resistance, strong functionality, large can improve the industrial production process, energy saving rate can reach more than 60%, save materials, reduce energy consumption, safety, production of aluminum equipment environmental protection standards, in many countries large-scale smelting Aluminum works have been widely used, and have also been aluminizing industry, Development and Reform Commission leaders and construction unit personnel acclaim and recognition.

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