Quality inspection standards for broken aluminum doors and windows

Quality inspection standards for broken aluminum doors and windows

【China Aluminum Industry Network】to ensure the technical requirements of exterior doors and windows during project design, procurement and construction, and to meet the performance requirements of wind pressure, watertightness, airtightness, insulation, sound insulation, lighting, safety, etc. The recurrence of common problems in the construction of exterior doors and windows is a key point for quality control of the ten doors and windows. You are worth a look! These are the main points of quality inspection when the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows project was completed.

Front section: Quality requirements for exterior doors and windows

First, the airtight requirements

1. Corner sealing strips (plastic corners): The sealing strips should be prevented from corner splicing, and the sealing strips at the corners should be designed as 90-degree integral plastic corners.

2. Frame fan seals: Three sealant strips should be designed to open the fan section, which are mainly the main sealant tape, the fan presser edge tape and the frame presser edge tape.

Second, anti-seepage requirements

1. The outer window must be provided with a drainage channel, a drainage port, an air vent (air pressure balance hole), and discharge water in the window frame fan. A cover should be provided outside the outlet to prevent strong winds from blowing rain and dust into the sash.

2. Insulation strips shall adopt a C-type structure, which shall be on the same horizontal surface after being compounded with the internal and external aluminum profiles, so as to avoid the leakage and corrosion risks caused by the water accumulated in the insulation strips. At the same time, the length of the insulation strip can be increased and the thermal performance can be improved. 3. The size of doors and windows openings: The opening of the structure should not be set too large to avoid leakage and hidden dangers.

4. Qikou: The window hole is due to special reasons, such as the external wall is a stone curtain wall, the opening reserved a large size, the structure of the opening is recommended to do business mouth, and the mouth should be poured together with the concrete wall.

5. Outer sill: The exterior wall material is a paint construction, and it is recommended to use a metal sill. The inside of the metal window sill should be pressed into the window frame, and the outer surface of the window sill should be dripping.

6. Window frame and structure hole: The window frame should be installed in a vertical position. If it is installed on the outside, it should be collected inwards by 20mm to prevent the construction error of the structure from causing the window frame to be installed outside the structure skin and causing rainwater leakage.

Third, frame fan structure requirements

Group angle: The group angle is an important process related to the integrity of doors and windows.

Wiping process: Under normal circumstances should be used corner + wipe group glue process, the window angle is not allowed to squeeze the plastic extrusion.

The glue injection process: The corners of the assembly can also use the corner code + guide glue tank + glue injection hole + two-component glue injection + corner sheet technology to ensure the corner strength requirements to ensure that the door and window products are not deformed and displaced after transportation and installation. appear.

Fourth, insulation requirements

1 cavity design of profiles: profiles should use multi-cavity structure to reduce the loss of heat, while the outer window insulation should be made up and down in order to form an overall insulation surface, eliminating cold bridges, blocking heat loss channels.

2. Insulation tape should be installed in the glass installation tank: increase the number of air chambers, reduce the heat loss between the surrounding of the insulating glass and the profile, and improve the insulation effect of the entire window.

3. The window sash should adopt the T-type heat insulation strip design: the sash heat insulation strip is designed as a T-type, and is overlapped with the intermediate rubber strip to realize the hot and cold partition of the fan frame connection. It is forbidden to place the intermediate strip directly on the aluminum profile of the fan.

4. Insulation strips should be polyamide 66 (ie Polyamide 66, commonly known as nylon 66).

5. Warm side of the glass: double-sided insulating glass cavity should be set around the warm side, blocking the glass cavity cooling channel.

6. In regions with high requirements of heat transfer coefficient, thermal insulating materials can be added in the profile insulation chamber according to the project positioning to meet the K value requirements.

7. External door: The external leveling door leading to the garden on the first floor of the residence should be provided with a threshold. No threshold is allowed, and the bottom of the door is closed with a brush. The double-leaf swinging outside door leading to the garden on the first floor of the residence shall be snapped and closed after closing, and the middle seam shall be closed with a brush.

V. Safety Technical Requirements

1.Glass Buckle: The glass buckle should be installed on one side of the room. It is forbidden to turn the inner window into the outer window so that the buckle can be installed on the outdoor side. The requirements for anti-theft, safety, and glass replacement can be ensured without leakage. .

2. Lock point: In order to improve the wind pressure resistance and anti-theft performance of the outer window, multi-point locks should be used outside the window. Lock point settings should meet the requirements of hardware manufacturers design and installation manual.

3. The size of the unit entrance outside door should not be too large to ensure the reliability of hinges and other hardware accessories and to avoid safety accidents.

Part II: Quality Control Construction Requirements for Exterior Doors and Windows of Buildings

Sixth, frame construction

1. The gap between the outside of the frame and the wall should be uniform and should be controlled at 10-15mm. The fixed installation position of the attached box shall satisfy the following: The distance between the corners shall not be greater than 150mm, and the center distance between the fixed parts of the rest shall not be greater than 500mm, and the distance from the center of the fixed point and the wall rest to the edge of the wall shall not be less than 50mm.

2. Attachment to the frame: The gap between the steel sub-frame and the main structure should be filled with dry and hard cement mortar to ensure compaction and no use of foaming agent. Outside "alpha angle (character)". Brush 1.2 thick waterproof coating.

Seven, the main frame fan installation and construction

The main frame and the sash are processed and assembled in the factory, which can improve the processing precision, thereby enhancing the airtightness and watertightness of the entire window.

1. After the port is completed, check the specifications of the collation window, model opening style, opening direction, orientation of the mounting hole, and assembly accessories according to design drawings. If any deformation is found, installation on the wall is prohibited.

2. Use a regular gasket to ensure that the gap between the aluminum alloy window frame and the steel sub frame is ≤ 10, and make the peripheral clearance uniform.

3. Check the perpendicularity and horizontality of the positive side of the aluminum alloy window frame, and submit the inspection and assessment in time after passing the inspection.

4. The main frame cleans up and hits the frame sealant

4.1. According to the regulations, use the neutral silicone thick sealant of the specified color to clean the wall and door and window joints with a brush and dry cloth within 10mm, apply a masking paper, apply glue, and wipe it with your hand or tool. Under the textured paper, make partial adjustments.

4.2. Note: When the outer wall is a paint finish, the outer frame adhesive should be bonded to the base layer of the paint; when the outer wall finish is a stone, wall or aluminum plate material, the outer wall finish material cannot be top dead with the window frame, easy to pre Leave a 2-3mm gap and make a window frame glue.

Eight, glass installation

1. The glass installation should meet the following requirements:

1.1 The glass must not be in direct contact with the glass tank, and should be on the four sides of the glass mat with different thickness pads.

1.2 Mount the glass in the frame fan and fix it with a metal buckle.

1.3 At the two ends of the aluminum alloy window strip 90° (or 45°) splicing, the installation must be flat and uniform.

2. The glass is fixed with double-sided plastics. The buckles, plastics on the outer surface, and the surface of the glass should be wiped clean with a dry cloth and then glued. After the glue is applied, it is allowed to stand for 48 hours.

3. The use of finished plastic strips: first install the plastic corner, the length of the strip is 2~3mm longer than the actual length, to prevent the strip from shrinking after aging. Special glue is used to glue the glue corner and the glue stick together; it is forbidden to select the way of cutting the glue strip to a 45 degree angle (without breaking).

Nine, hardware installation

1. The transmission part should be installed at the factory.

2. Hardware and accessories: Install the drive handle lock; install the swing door lock; the key should be marked according to the serial number after installation.

3. Operating standards and inspection methods: Firmly fixed, flexible, and correct.

Tenth, finished product protection

1. When the product is shipped from the factory, the surface of the aluminum material should be covered with a protective film, and the frame fan should be covered with a protective tape.

2. The aluminum alloy door and window frame fan shall be removed from the original packaging paper during installation. Once the installation is fixed and fixed, the protection buckle cover shall be installed in the lower mouth part in time (it can play the role of anti-smashing and impact resistance, and the material project is self-determined). The main frame of the alloy and the sash frame are protected with a protective tape to prevent corrosion of the sputtered mortar and the pollution of outdoor rain and dirt.

3. Remove the original protective cover and protective tape before installing the glass. After the glass is installed, protect the glass. If the exterior facade also involves the welding construction, the outside of the glass should be painted with water-soluble white paint.

4. Aluminium alloy doors (push-pull, open-inside and inside-out) shall be arranged for later installation during construction of the door. During the construction process, the lower door must be hard-guarded to prevent damage to the lower door opening during construction.

5. Aluminum alloy film protective layer time should not be too long, the general summer is 3 months, winter is 6 months (or based on product performance), more than this period should replace the protective film.

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