Biological pesticides to control vegetable pests

In the case of increasingly serious pests and the use of pesticides for prevention and control and pollution, the biological control of vegetable pests has opened up new avenues for vegetable farmers. This is mainly to use natural breeding of artificially enemies of natural enemies, beneficial organisms, pathogenic microorganisms and their metabolites to control the occurrence of pests. This is what we often call "worm control" and "control of insects". It is characterized by safety for humans and animals, does not pollute the environment, and has long-term inhibitory effects on pests. Natural enemies of pests are natural resources, which can be taken locally and at low cost. Biological control of vegetable pests is safe, economical and efficient. Its role is:

One can provide non-polluting vegetables:

Most of the vegetables are edible parts. The roots, leaves, flowers and fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins. They are often eaten directly without processing. Therefore, people are very concerned about the pesticide pollution of vegetables. If biological control techniques are applied to control vegetable pests. It can avoid pesticide pollution and ensure the safety of humans and animals.

The second is to avoid the resistance of vegetable pests:

In the case of many vegetable pests, vegetable farmers use chemical pesticides for prevention and control. Over time, drug resistance is produced. Farmers often have to increase the amount of pesticides and increase the number of pesticides. The more pesticides are used, the more insects The more healing the vicious circle, the increased resistance of pests and the decline in chemical control. Biological control through biological and its products, can effectively control vegetable pests, ensure the high quality and high yield of non-polluting vegetables, reduce the input of organic pesticides, and fundamentally remove the selection pressure of chemical pesticides for controlling pests in vegetable fields, thus eliminating pests. The hotbed of drug resistance effectively reverses the vicious cycle of chemical pesticide abuse into a virtuous cycle.

Third, protect the environment

The environmental pollution of chemical pesticides has become a common concern of all countries in the world. Once some pesticides enter the field, they will degrade after several years, ten years or even more than half a century. Chemical pesticides seriously damage people's health and even affect the happiness of future generations. Control of vegetable worms often requires large and multiple spraying of chemical pesticides. This not only pollutes vegetables, but also inevitably causes pollution of surrounding weather, soil and waters, destroys ecological balance, and worsens people's living environment. The application of biotechnology to control vegetable pests will not cause environmental pollution and can provide people with a clean and pollution-free living space.
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