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2012 is the year of the Chinese traditional year of the dragon. This year is called the Yichen Water Dragon Year of the 60 Years in the Book of Changes. It is easy to say that the year of the "Longqi back dragon and the dragon into the sea" is from this sentence. As you can see, this year is also the year of water. Therefore, in the layout of home feng shui, there are the following points that need attention, for your reference.

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The most favorite green and cyan are:

Shui Wang's year of dragons, in the color of the most like green, blue, this can play a match of water and wood, Lee Yun-wang effect. Followed by the white, milky, silver, this is the state of the mutual exchange of gold and water, there are also gold in the water, gold and white clear water, clear and helpful to transport the consequences, in particular, the color of the room layout of students is more favorable.

Extremely yellow:

A large number of yellow color fitting decoration layout color is extremely unfavorable, yellow represents the "earth" in the five elements, and in 2012, the Tianshui and Tianshui g, but also with the Chen Long Taisui reservoir again formed a blocking trend, resulting in Tai Xing blocked, Sheng Wang The fortune is difficult to display, so this yellow color of decoration is a taboo in 2012. As for other color systems such as red, blue, black, etc., in 2012 for the flat color system, you can understand that there is no good or no evil.

Tai-year-old is located in the southeast, so in the home of feng shui, the southeast position is the main location compared to 2012. If information such as missing corners and toilets is displayed here, it will result in a huge defeat in this year's home delivery, which constitutes disrespect for Tai Sui in this year and indirectly affects the career, wealth, health, and academic fortunes of the residents. Therefore, the southeast position should be completely and neatly arranged, and it should be promoted too much so that the Tailong Dragon will bless the family and the longevity of the homestead will not be lost.

The position of the northwestern position of the Taizao position must be a corner or bathroom. If there is such a problem, it is necessary to use a triple bottle to resolve it. In addition, if there are corners, fire pits, etc. in the southeastern and outer areas of homes, it is also necessary to immediately adjust them with Sanhe bottles. Too lucky to be a top priority is your top priority in 2012.

The lucky green plants are placed in the southeast, and the best way to boost the southeast position is to place noble and lucky green plants in the southeast position. From the point of view of the gossip house, the southeastern part of the country is wood, and in 2012, it is the status of the Taishou dragon, which causes water and wood to live in harmony. In this place, green plants are placed, and the five elements are again wood, so they can have the effect of escalating house transport. In the choice of green plants, lucky animals such as rich bamboo, Brazilian wood, money tree, and money tree are preferred. Extremely avoid dragon claws or surrounding, prickly plants.

The cultivation of some ornamental fish is the second way to make a living in the southeast of the city. Here, some fish are appreciated. It should be noted that the number of fish must be singular.

The third measure to prosper this place is to put a triple bottle here and rely on the strength of Sanhe to make a prosperous life. For feng shui at home, if there is a missing corner or a bathroom, please fill in and dissolve it as soon as possible. The best way to resolve the missing corner is to place a Taishan stone or triple bottle and use its strength to make up for the missing corner. If this position is a bathroom, it is necessary to use the head of the peach wood animal to remove contaminated gas.

In the north, it is not suitable to start renovations. The three-star position in 2012 is in the north. Therefore, the north position is not suitable for construction, decoration, etc., so as not to touch the three walls and invite the length.

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