Fuyang "Diamond Legion" camp

A few days ago, when the reporter interviewed in Fuyang, he heard from local friends that Yangyuan Village, Tianyu Street Town, which is the title of “China’s Diamond First Village”, was a snowball with the pro-band and pro-neighborhood. In recent years, the “Diamond Legion” was snowballing outside. They have grown so fast that the companies they founded have returned to their hometowns to enter the park and have led the development of thousands of people in the surrounding countryside. After listening to the introduction, the reporter’s interest has increased sharply and I plan to go to find out. On the afternoon of July 10, with the scorching sun, the reporter came to the Tianyu Street Industrial Base of the Xiangyang Industrial Park. It was a sight of a diamond company's booming production. According to the local town cadres, in the 1980s, Li Zhihua, a native of Yangyuan Village, Tianyu Street Township, graduated from the Central South Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, established a Hengxing Diamond Factory in Shenzhen and a foreign company, and selected a large number of young people from the village. , engaged in the production of various diamond products. A few years later, Li Zhihua’s career grew bigger and bigger, and a group of young people he brought out also completed the transition from migrant workers to entrepreneurs. Today, the diamond tool enterprises founded by Yangyuan people are located in more than 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and Inner Mongolia. The five assets exceed 100 million yuan, and more than 10 yuan exceeds 10 million yuan. In recent years, under the background of the current international economic downturn, the coastal areas are accelerating industrial transfer. Diamond-related enterprises are one of them. Many enterprises are seeking new investment sites. The “Diamond Legion” of Shuyang County also decided to return home. Start a business. In 2010, Li Shuidi, the chairman of Fujian Weili Diamond Tool Co., Ltd., took the lead to return home and set up Jiangxi R&F Group. Last year, the group’s marketing volume exceeded 100 million yuan. Li Shuidi said: Starting an economic entity in the hometown can not only build strength for the hometown but also achieve its own business. This is a win-win situation. As the first company returned home smoothly and quickly put into production, followed by companies such as Jufeng, Heli and Zhongli. At Shin Kong Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., employees are working in an orderly manner. Hu Xinhui, general manager of the company, told the reporter that he benefited from the good investment environment in his hometown and the strong support of the government. In 2011, he moved the diamond tool factory opened in Luoyuan County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, to his hometown. Today, the company occupies 20 acres, mainly produces diamond knives, which are sold throughout the country. Last year, the company achieved an output value of more than 30 million yuan. As of the beginning of June this year, there were 18 diamond-related enterprises in the Tianyu Street Industrial Base of Fuyang Industrial Park, with an investment of 700 million yuan. In addition, 20 companies are either advancing or signing an intent agreement with the Tianzhu Street Industrial Base. "We are preparing to build Tianqi Street Town into a hometown of diamond tools in China. We are actively guiding enterprises to make brands and tree standards and master the right to speak in the international market of the diamond tool industry." Zhu Guichang, secretary of the Party Committee of Tianyu Street Town. The town encourages enterprises to vigorously carry out technological innovation and launch the “Xiangyang Diamond” brand. At the same time, we will implement appropriate preferential policies for the diamond tool industry, create a business-friendly business atmosphere, simplify the procedures, implement “nanny-style” services and “one-stop” services, so that these returning enterprises can really stay and develop.

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