From "Poison Floor" to "Cardboard Door" Vanke's sophisticated decoration strategy has been put to the test

Vanke is experiencing a crisis. In the cabinets of the sixth-floor decoration room in the fifth phase of the fifth floor of Bantian District, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Vanke was questioned to use “cardboard”. Although Vanke denies this, but from the "toxic floor" that is widely concerned about in the industry to today's "cardboard door", Vanke has at least four residential projects that have raised doubts. These doubts are almost always related to Vanke's repeated fine-tuning strategy. related.

The "conditions" of hardcover rooms continued to be in Putian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, and Vanke Fifth Park was the largest residential project in the area. The project was a total of nine projects. At present, except for the seventh period under construction, the ninth period has not yet started and the rest have been submitted to the housing. In November 2011, the fifth garden was built in six phases, and it was precisely these six finely-decorated dwellings that pushed Vanke into the limelight.

In the fifth phase of the sixth phase of the renovation of the room, the most cause of the owners dissatisfied is that some of the panels of the use of the "cardboard", and Vanke denied this. “Nothing in any part of Shenzhen Fifth Garden’s decoration has used 'cardboard'”, Vanke wrote in a statement to the media.

Vanke pointed out that some of the owners said that "cardboard" is actually "medium density fiberboard." Vanke also stated that "the use of medium density fiberboard in cabinets and indoor doors meets actual needs and fully complies with relevant industry standards."

On March 27th, a reporter of the China Securities Journal came to the sixth phase of Vanke's Fifth Park. A homeowner who had already collected the room showed reporters the so-called cardboard. On the inside of the bathroom cabinet, there is a section of “Medium Fibreboard” exposed. The owner stated, “The bathroom cabinet is full of water pipes. This kind of fiberboard pressed from wood chips will certainly absorb moisture and swell in the future. It is not suitable to do it at All. Bathroom cabinet material".

Although Vanke stated that the medium density fiberboard complied with national standards, Vanke had already replaced all the owners who refused to accept the house. The aforementioned owner also stated that Vanke promised to replace his bathroom cabinet within a few days.

In addition to the questionable “cardboard”, various minor problems have also plagued the owners who have already collected their houses. The aforementioned owners stated that the stone density of the room floor is not enough, and it is easy to seep into the water; the floor of the bathroom shower room is uneven, and it easily leads to odor; the nails in the ceiling do not have rust treatment, affecting the appearance; the kitchen countertop has cracks; Wall paint has begun to gray; the room toilet and the model does not match ... In addition to Vanke agreed to handle the cabinet and other issues, the owner also cited 9 decoration problems. "In addition to disappointment or disappointment," the owner said.

Another owner who refused to accept the house stated that Vanke had already renovated many parts of her house. At present, no new problems have been discovered. However, the house that was supposed to stay in November has not been allowed to stay. "Seven people in my family live in rented accommodation. The monthly rent is as high as 5,000 yuan. The rent paid by my family for late delivery is also very impressive."

The hardcover strategy is unwavering. “The decoration of the room is a huge one for Vanke. We must pass this level.” At the recent Vanke media exchange meeting, President Yu Liang said so. Yu Liang introduced Vanke's delivery of 44,000 sets of furbished rooms in 2011. As a result of many procedures for furbished rooms, more problems have arisen.

A person in charge of a Shenzhen decoration company told the China Securities Journal that many of the various "little problems" that emerged in the fifth phase of Vanke's fifth park stem from project management and are actually problems that can be avoided. According to the person in charge mentioned above, the decoration company generally has a Quality Department, which is responsible for the quality supervision of the renovation project. When the project reaches 50% and 80%, the quality department will enter the site for inspection. If it fails, the project cannot continue.

“Vanke may be inexperienced in the management of large-scale hardcover housing projects.” Another person in the decoration industry stated that “the decoration problem in the fifth park and the sixth phase has a certain relationship with Vanke’s pursuit of quick turnaround. If the construction period is blindly emphasized, the construction Some of the quality checks may be compressed."

In recent years, Vanke has been implementing a "precise decoration strategy." However, from the current situation, the progress of this strategy is not smooth. In the decoration industry is not yet standardized, there are many quality issues in the building materials field, under the background of the lack of experience of developers, Vanke's sophisticated decoration strategy may encounter continuous testing.

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