American sofa

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With the natural winds that have been popular around the world in recent years, consumers are increasingly appreciating the modern leisure and natural style furniture. Natural style furniture mostly focuses on natural materials such as raw wood, and emphasizes a variety of changes and combinations, coupled with some functional design, won the fashion people's welcome.

In general, such furniture is designed to express its own unique style, reflecting the philosophy of personal life, which is represented by American furniture. At present, in the American market, American sofas are most popular among people. The main features of this American sofa are:

1. Warm and soft tones. Due to the emphasis on the natural style of the home, the American sofa is mainly based on the feeling of refreshing, soft and comfortable.

2, pay attention to the level of design lines. American casual sofas do not emphasize creativity, but tend to be intimate home style, pay attention to traditional furniture design, and emphasize environmentally friendly materials in materials. For example, antibacterial fabrics used.

3. Emphasize casual and natural placement. According to the relevant person who distributed the American sofa, the American sofa does not particularly emphasize the design and placement of the complete set, but also advocates the free combination, mainly emphasizing personal preference.

For the purchase of American-style sofas, the industry believes that if you purchase a full set of 1+2+3 American-style sofas, the living room area should be more than 20 square meters. For a generally small living room space, as long as it is properly matched, you can also enjoy the feeling of comfort. For example, you can choose a three-seat sofa with a single swing sofa or a single soft chair.

The surface of the American sofa is covered with a thick fabric of dense latitude and longitude. The high-quality sofa observation surface can see the fine stitches on the fabric, and the sofa will not shake when shaken by hand.

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