Improvement of advanced curve method for wire cutting machining die parts

In the transformer with epoxy resin insulation structure, the formula curve is often used in the focusing mechanism of the optical instrument, and the accuracy and surface quality requirements of the curve are getting higher and higher. A new processing method for the high-level curve of wire-cutting die parts is proposed, aiming at improving machining accuracy and machining efficiency, and comparing with traditional machining methods.

1. Process analysis of parts

The drawing shows a product dial part, which is composed of curves. The curve consists of three segments, the equations of which are respectively.

ρ=16.5-4.1tant/2sin(60°+t/3) (0°≤t≤21.7°)


23 2 =(x+1.237 7) 2 +(y+10.566 7) 2 (30°≤t≤90°)

The material of the dial ring is Cr12MoV, which has good hardenability, hot hardness and certain toughness. The roughness value of each side of the curve is R a=1.6μm. After the processing is completed, the parts should be free from defects such as deformation and distortion.

2. Comparison of traditional processing methods and processing improvement methods

The traditional processing method: give a series of discrete points of the curve, and then input the coordinates of each discrete point into the computer for programming. The accuracy of the cut curve will decrease as the number of discrete points decreases, and the surface quality is poor. Meet the product requirements and affect product quality.

Processing improvement method: CAXA wire cutting V2 version of the advanced curve function for curve design and programming, using the online Suzhou three light cutting machine for curve processing.

(1) The establishment of the curve equation and the data file Although the CAXA software has the formula curve editing function, its input mode is not introduced in the software usage instructions. According to the ordinary input method, the drawn figure appears inconsistent with the actual or the prompt format. error. Through the continuous exploration of the input method, the correct input formula is obtained (although the formula has the same meaning, but the expression is different).

ρ=16.5-4.1tan(t/2)sin(60°+t/3) (0°≤t≤21.7°)

ρ=16.5-4.1tan(1.25t-16.275)sin (60°+t/3) (21.7°≤t≤30°)

23 2 =(x+1.237 7) 2 +(y+10.566 7) 2 (30°≤t≤90°)

(2) Graphic drawing Enter the parameters and curve formulas according to the “Formula Curve” menu bar.

(3) Data input Because the line cutting V2 version is different from the programming software used in the wire cutting machine, the formula curve editing function provided by the machine tool programming cannot be used, which may be caused by the software development is not perfect. To this end, we tried to solve the problem by using the .IGS data interface file format shared by the two softwares. 1 Draw the graphic with V2, then execute “File” → “Data Interface” → “.IGS Output”, and enter the corresponding save path and file name in the “File Name” that appears. 2 In the programming software interface, execute “File” → “Data Interface” → “.IGS Input”, enter the corresponding open path and file name in the “File Name” that appears, you can input the corresponding graphic.

(4) Programming method 1 The data input in the ".IGS" format often results in the loss of data, and the graphics need to be corrected to some extent. 2 In the programming, the “curve precision” should be set to the minimum value, so that the generated curve 3B code has more points and the curve is smoother.

Using the above formula input method and corresponding programming skills, the curve precision and surface roughness of the cut meet the technical requirements of the part.

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