Shrimp clothing disease prevention and treatment method

Shrimp clothing disease prevention and control method: Shrimp clothing has strong resistance and less pests and diseases. In greenhouse cultivation, attention should be paid to the prevention and control of scale insects and red spiders.

Red spider control method: one is soaked for about twenty-four hours with citrus peel and water for about twenty-four times. After filtration, the plants are sprayed with the filtrate. Take 50 grams of grass ash and add 2,500 grams of water and stir well. Soak for forty-eight hours and filter. Add 3 grams of washing powder and mix thoroughly. Spray once a day for three days and spray for three days every other week. Three sets of ignited mosquito coils are placed in the pots of the diseased plants, and then tied with pots in plastic bags. After being smoked for about one hour, adults and eggs can be killed.

The method of prevention and control of scale insects: one uses white wine to water, the ratio is one to two, and when the insects are treated, the surface layer of the potting soil is poured. Second, use 50 ml of vinegar, soak the small cotton ball in vinegar, and use a wet cotton ball to gently rub the scales on the affected stems and leaves to kill the scale insects. This method is convenient and safe, and can achieve the purpose of removing insects, and can make the damaged leaves green. After gently wiping the diseased branch with alcohol, the scale insects can be removed, that is, the larvae that are invisible to the naked eye can be completely killed, and the scale insect damage is rarely found in the second year.

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