Soft accessories rose on the eve of the Spring Festival

Soft accessories rose on the eve of the Spring Festival As Spring Festival approaches, most owners will purchase soft furnishings for the room with a strong New Year atmosphere. Especially in recent years, under the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration, the home soft decoration market has become more and more popular.

The best selling ceramic tableware

If you want to add a touch of warmth to your living room and you don’t want to make a big move, then buying soft furnishings is the best option. During the visit to the soft packaging market, the reporter found that the entire set of ceramic tableware and tea sets were the most popular among consumers. "This uniquely shaped, design-influenced fruit plate and cutlery sold the best. This time's sales volume was double that of the past." A salesperson from the jewelry industry told reporters. This point has also been recognized by Li Wei, director of the jewelry industry media. In the past month, the total sales of soft accessories have risen sharply.

Retro ornaments are sought after by young people

When purchasing soft accessories, different consumer groups have different preferences. In an American country jewelry store, Wang Xun told reporters that ornaments with nostalgic retro style are very much in line with their own style of home decoration. Friends' homes are also mostly of this style. The color of these ornaments is gentle and contrasts with the busy working rhythm. Back home feels particularly relaxed. In another traditional Chinese-style jewelry store, consumers are mostly middle-aged and older.

Home textile bed chain rose

Various colors and styles of home textile products bring different colors to the living environment. Under the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration, home textile products have become an indispensable part of home decoration. According to Zhao Yumei, assistant of general manager of Yina Home Textiles, sales of core products have increased month by month. Nearly the year is closed, everyone wants to give himself and his family a more comfortable home environment. New Year’s replacement bedding also represents a new one. Start. In terms of product selection, the simple, elegant colors are the best-selling, and consumers are more focused on practicality.

Creative restaurant appliances popular

Compared with the traditional home-style jewelry pendants and red-based ornaments, this year's home furnishing accessories market, the restaurant's appliances are more popular with consumers.

According to Chen Yue, marketing manager of IKEA Beijing, in order to welcome the Spring Festival, consumers' favorite products focus on functional and decorative home products used in restaurants, kitchens, and living rooms. In the past month, it was during the peak period of home delivery. The sofa bed, folding dinette and other kitchen gadgets made by IKEA have been widely welcomed by the various kitchen gadgets that make the cooking process more fun and easier.


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