Purple grass cutting propagation skills

Purple grass cutting propagation skills:

The branches used for cutting are called cuttings. Cut the stems into 5 to 8 cm long sections, each section with more than three leaf segments, or use the top tips for cuttings.

Pay attention to management after cutting:

(1) Temperature : The optimum temperature for rooting of cuttings is 18 °C ~ 25 °C, below 18 °C, rooting is difficult and slow; above 25 °C, cuttings of cuttings are susceptible to infection by bacteria and decay, and the temperature is higher The greater the proportion of decay. When encountering low temperature after cutting, the measures of heat preservation mainly use the film to wrap the flower pot or container used for cutting; when the temperature is too high after cutting, the measures for cooling are mainly to shade the cuttings, and to cover the sunlight 50~ 80%, at the same time, spray the cuttings, 3 to 5 times a day, the number of times of sunny days is higher, the temperature is lower, the humidity is higher, the number of sprays is less or not.

(2) Humidity : The relative humidity of the air must be maintained at 75 to 85% after cutting. The humidity can be increased by spraying the cuttings, one to three times a day, the higher the temperature of the sunny day, the more the number of spraying, the lower the temperature of the rainy day, the less the number of spraying or the less. However, if it is sprayed excessively, the cuttings are easily infested by the bacteria and rot, because many kinds of germs are present in the water.

(3) Illumination: Cutting propagation is inseparable from sunlight. However, the stronger the light, the higher the temperature in the cuttings, the more vigorous the transpiration of the cuttings, and the more water consumed, which is not conducive to the survival of the cuttings. Therefore, the sun must be covered by 50 to 80% after cutting.

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