Machining of machinery

Boring machine refers to a Machine Tool that processes a prefabricated hole on a workpiece mainly with a boring Tool. Usually, the file is rotated for the main motion, and the movement of the file or workpiece is the feed motion. It is mainly used for the machining of high-precision holes or finishing of multiple holes in one position. In addition, it can also be used for the processing of other machined surfaces related to hole finishing:

(1) Horizontal boring machine: The boring shaft is horizontally arranged and axially fed. The headstock moves vertically along the front pillar rail, and the table moves longitudinally or laterally for boring. This machine tool is widely used and economical. It is mainly used for the hole machining of box (or bracket) parts and other machining surfaces related to the hole.

(2) Coordinate boring machine: A boring machine with precise coordinate positioning device, which is mainly used for boring size, shape, especially the hole system with high positional accuracy, and can also be used for precision coordinate measurement, sample scribe line, scale and so on.

(3) Fine boring machine: A precision boring boring machine is made of a tool such as diamond or cemented carbide.

(4) Deep hole boring machine: a boring machine for boring deep holes.

(5) Floor boring machine: The workpiece is placed on the floor workbench, and the column moves longitudinally or laterally along the bed. Used to machine large workpieces.

There are also milling and boring machines for milling or deep hole drilling and boring machines for drilling.

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