Prevention of winter accidents in chemical production

The prevention of winter accidents in chemical production is mainly to do the five aspects of cold prevention, antifreeze, fire prevention, gas poisoning and anti-skid. This plays an important role in the safety of chemical production in winter.

First, cold protection

The work of building and plant insulation and cold protection has not been implemented well, and it is easy to cause water pipes and cooling pipes to freeze and crack, posing hidden dangers for fire and explosion accidents. To implement the cold-proof work, we must do the following.

1. Before the winter, it is necessary to comprehensively do the work of heat preservation and cold protection of the plant and infrastructure.

2. Before the heating period, adjust and repair the heating equipment and suppress the leak test to ensure the safety during heating.

3. Some chemical raw materials and products that are prone to deterioration at low temperatures should be kept warm. In addition, the raw materials and products that are afraid of heat should not be placed near the stove or radiator, and should not be pressed on the heating pipeline to prevent fusion and explosion.

4. It is necessary to do a good job of heat preservation and antifreeze of fire extinguishing equipment. If the chemical foam fire extinguishing opportunity is low, the solution in the barrel and the bladder will freeze into a block, and then expand and swell and be scrapped. Therefore, the chemical foam fire extinguisher must be stored indoors at room temperature.

Second, antifreeze

The winter temperature in Northeast China is generally between minus 20 ° C and 40 ° C. The antifreeze work of chemical production enterprises is very important.

1. Prevent the condensation of raw materials. In a petroleum plant, due to the cold weather, the crude oil in the casing crystallizer condensed, making the equipment unable to operate normally. The worker on duty used the steam to de-contaminate. As a result, the temperature inside the casing rose sharply, causing the liquid ammonia in the casing to be ejected, and the operator was washed down in the oil pool and died on the spot.

2. Prevent pipeline freezing. When a chemical plant operator sees that the outlet pipe of the furnace is frozen, the outlet valve is fired at the time of shutdown to cause the steam in the furnace surface to overpressure and explode. In another small chemical plant, the valve core of the inflating valve of the distillation kettle is frozen, and the valve core is removed. The pressure of the kettle is increased, and the kettle lid is opened. A large amount of benzene gas escapes, and an explosion occurs in an open flame.

3. Prevent equipment from brittle. A small chemical fertilizer plant compression workshop water washing tower, due to low temperature and equipment materials and welding technology problems, brittle fracture occurred at the edge of the third layer of the tower caused an explosion, causing a major malignant accident.

Third, fire prevention

Fire prevention work is very important in winter, so pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Strengthen the use of fire management. In the winter heating, the number of stoves in the workplace and staff quarters increased. The furnace should be properly set up, the chimney should be installed properly, and no flammable materials should be placed around. For the production of fire, it is necessary to follow the rules of the fire, implement the fire safety responsibility system, and let people go. Do not use steam to directly heat, and do not bake clothes on the radiator to prevent fire. The chemical reaction, chemical refining, drying and other operational positions in chemical production must strictly implement fire prevention regulations to reduce the occurrence of disasters.

2. Do not use electric heating equipment. Do not pull the temporary line, copper and aluminum lines do not meet. Use electrical equipment according to the regulations, do not overload, used electric heating equipment should be powered off in time. The conference room or club prevents direct light from directing the burnt curtain or other combustibles. Household appliances in the dormitory and duty room should be properly used and installed to prevent accidental fires.

Fourth, anti-gas poisoning

Gas mainly refers to carbon monoxide gas. Gas leaks may occur due to poor management and other reasons in the production process and in daily life. Gas can cause fire or explosion accidents, but it can also poison people and even die. Especially in winter, the leaked gas tends to accumulate due to poor indoor air circulation. Coupled with increased heating and equipment, the possibility of gas poisoning is increased. Prevent gas poisoning to do:

l. Regularly overhaul equipment to prevent gas generators and pipelines from leaking.

2. Strengthen equipment sealing and indoor ventilation, especially in workshops that are prone to gas.

3. Strictly follow the operating procedures. Once carbon monoxide is present, it should be cleaned in time. Personal protective equipment and monitoring measures are required for high concentration areas of carbon monoxide.

4. The production and domestic use of gas must be separated to prevent toxic gases or exhaust gas from entering the domestic gas system.

5. Pay attention to personal protection. If you are going to work in the gas danger zone, you should wear a gas mask. You must use an air-type gas mask.

6. Strengthen safety education for workers against gas poisoning, and popularize self-help and mutual rescue knowledge.

7. The unit's duty officer, if using a stove to warm, do not seal the furnace.

8. Persons with obvious neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases and severe anemia, pregnant women, minors and older workers should not work in positions where carbon monoxide is produced.

Five, non-slip

In winter, the road is very slippery due to the cold weather and snow. For outdoor work, especially for outdoor climbing, it is necessary to strictly inspect the facilities and increase the necessary anti-slip measures to avoid falling and falling from high altitude.

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