Magnetic pump common fault handling and precautions

A: The common magnetic pump troubleshooting
1. The magnetic pump shaft breaks.
Most of the reasons for the breakage of the pump shaft are caused by the empty operation of the pump and the shaft is broken due to the dry grinding of the bearing. If necessary, the magnetic pump should be disassembled. The check solution is to avoid empty operation of the pump.
2, magnetic pump bearing damage.
Due to the special working principle of the magnetic pump. The idling of the magnetic pump and the presence of impurities in the pump can cause damage to the bearings of the magnetic pump. Therefore, magnetic idling should be forbidden and regular inspections of the pump piping should be carried out.
3, magnetic pump can not hit the liquid.
Generally, the reason that the magnetic pump does not discharge water is mostly the leakage of the suction pipe of the magnetic pump, which results in the air in the pipe not absorbing water. The solution is to check whether the suction pipe of the magnetic pump has been damaged and leaked, and then re-energize the magnetic force. Pumping liquid and evacuating the gas in the pump
4, lack of head. Caused by this failure are: there is air in the conveying medium, the impeller is damaged, the rotation speed is not enough, the proportion of the transported liquid is too large, and the flow rate is too large.
5, lack of traffic. The main reasons for the lack of flow include: impaired impeller, insufficient rotating speed, excessive head lift, and blockage of debris in the pipe.
6, the magnetic pump pump vibration situation
Cause magnetic pump vibration may be caused by the error between the pump axis and the motor axis is too large, you can re-adjust the error; or because the magnetic pump installation height is too high, the occurrence of cavitation caused by the magnetic pump vibration, need to reduce the magnetic pump Mounting height
7. Leakage of shaft end of magnetic pump
It is generally due to the large clearance between the snap rings of the shaft end, which causes the snap rings to loosen. Adjust the snap ring screws
First, magnetic pump use matters needing attention
1. After installation, turn the coupling by hand to check for rubbing.
2. In order to prevent debris from entering the magnetic pump, a filter is provided at the entrance of the magnetic pump. If the magnetic pump is used for conveying medium of specific iron impurities, a magnetic filter is also required.
3, because the magnetic pump needs to convey the medium to cool, idle will cause the magnetic pump shaft overheating damage, so magnetic pump is forbidden to idle
4. The high-headed magnetic pump should be equipped with a check valve on the outlet pipe to prevent water hammer damage caused by sudden shutdown.
5, open the pump program: open the inlet valve before driving, the pump filled with liquid to be delivered; close the outlet valve; move the electric hoist, check the magnetic pump steering is correct; magnetic pump starts, the outlet valve should be slowly open After the pump reaches normal operation, the outlet valve is adjusted to the desired opening. Test run for 5~10min. If there is no abnormality, it can be put into operation. Parking procedure: Close the outlet valve; cut off the power supply; close the inlet; when it is not used for a long time, clean the flow path in the pump and cut off the power.
6. The working environment used by the magnetic pump, the medium temperature should be within the scope of use of the model product specifications.

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