The floor installation method introduces these places to pay attention when installing the wooden floor

The installation of the floor during the renovation is very important, now the floor will generally choose tiles and wood two materials, especially the wood floor has a wood texture, very natural, soft, there are cool winter and summer features, especially suitable for Bedrooms, living rooms, and dens are all about floor decoration. Then what are the floor installation methods ?

Floor installation method 1, tool

There are secrets in the laying of wooden floors, that is, seven points, three points, different floors, different places of use, and laying methods are different. Tools are to be prepared by the project team themselves.

Electric tools: hammers, steam pumps, pistol drills, electric planers, marble saws, curve saws, belt sanders, air guns, and grinders.

Hand tools: steel tape measure, hand saw, pencil, knife saw, ink fountain, pull cord, square ruler, planer, rubber hammer, hammer, punch, axe, screwdriver, scraper, pliers, steel, flat chisel.

Special tools: remove the hook, tighten the hook.

Floor installation method 2, method

1, solid wood flooring can be used keel paving;

2, suspended paving method;

3. Overhead paving is installed on the cushion;

4, viscose straight paving method on the grass-roots level.

Floor installation method 3, installation attention

1, selection trials prevent deviation

Before paving, the floor materials should be selected and tested, and the direction of the pavement and the puzzle pattern must meet the design requirements.

2, fixed floor nails

The hardwood floors assembled in the enterprise shall first be drilled, the hole diameter shall be slightly smaller than the diameter of the floor nails, and the length of the floor nails shall be 2.5 times the thickness of the board. The nail caps shall be flattened and flushed into the board.

3, keel paving method

When paving solid wood floors on the keel, the adjacent plate joints should be staggered with each other, and the longitudinal assembly should be tightly arranged.

4, paving to be left seam

When paving a solid wood floor with a fixed length or indefinite length, the adjacent plates in the longitudinal direction should be tightly arranged. The width of the reserved joints in the horizontal adjacent plates should meet the design requirements.

5, glue straight shop to decontamination

The grass-roots level (cushion) that is paved by the adhesive straight-laying method must be flat, free of oil, and evenly brushed to ensure the floor's bonding area.

6, yin and yang, cutting angle

Wooden skirting board should be assembled after cutting corners at the corners of Yin and Yang. The length of the skirting board joints should be cut into 45 degrees and fixed on the wood blocks. Construction is required according to the design requirements.

7, the amount of deviation can not exceed

The allowable deviation of the surface of the hardwood floor shall not exceed the values ​​specified in Table 6.4.11.

8, solid wood floor surface quality

The moisture content, technical grade, and product quality of wood accessories such as solid wood flooring, wooden keels, and wood-based panels must meet the design requirements. Wooden keel, wood and wool flooring, and artificial board cushions must be treated for anti-corrosion and anti-mite treatment.

Editor's Note: The above is about the floor installation method and the introduction of these areas to pay attention to the installation of wooden flooring, although wood flooring is so popular, but the wooden floor is still very easy to damp, cracking, especially in the climate change is more easily deformed, so in Pay more attention to the installation.

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