Operation and maintenance of biogas storage cabinet

Operation and maintenance of biogas storage cabinets Details of biogas storage cabinets, biogas storage cabinets - biogas double membrane gas storage cabinets structural features and process manufacturers Chen Manager 1, safe water seal spray and frozen 1.1 biogas storage cabinets The middle biogas storage cabinets are equipped with a safety water seal to relieve pressure when the gas cabinet is overpressured. However, when the gas passes through the water seal, a large amount of water is entrained and discharged, so that the water level is lowered. When the gas volume is large, the water will be sprayed directly, causing the protector to fail to recover and need to add water. Often the operator will be more troublesome, the consequence is that the gas cabinet is broken. 1.2 Even if the antifreeze is filled in the water seal, it will freeze in extremely cold areas (the antifreeze needs to be sealed to have good antifreeze performance). Once frozen, the gas cabinet will be exploded. 2, biogas storage gas cabinet inner membrane leakage Many biogas storage gas cabinets do not have a special inner membrane protection system, but simply use an overpressure water seal protection. Under normal circumstances, the outer membrane can eliminate the pressure of the endometrium. Once the outer membrane is not under pressure due to malfunction or power failure, the inner membrane will overpressure. Once the inner membrane is overpressure, it will deform and cause leakage. The inner membrane leaks into the outer membrane, causing the outer membrane to become a mixture, which is very dangerous. 3, biogas storage tank material color change low-end biogas storage cabinet in order to save costs using cheap building outer membrane (imported architectural film is also building film), the outer membrane has no anti-corrosion ability. In addition, the amount of leakage of the endometrium is large, and it is prone to the problem of corrosion and discoloration. 4. Damage to the gas cabinet of the biogas storage cabinet In addition to the overpressure damage of the gas cabinet caused by the protection measures such as the water seal, the main reason is that the welding is not closed and the weld is opened. There is also a lack of gas in the outer membrane of the gas cabinet, which will be scratched by the wind and requires a stable and reliable control system. It is a system that can alarm even if power is cut off. 5, the biogas storage cabinet node leaks a lot of gas cabinet connection points using multiple lines to form a circle, there will be overlapping of the film cloth in the corner, resulting in a leak tight seal. 6. Biogas storage gas cabinet height meter and other sensors have poor reliability. The equipment of the biogas storage cabinet is mostly from the ground up, and there is no special design. Most of the altimeter uses a reflective ultrasonic range finder, which requires a plane to reflect the ultrasonic waves to obtain the position of the object. The inner membrane is spherical and often tilts. Once tilted, the sound waves cannot be reflected normally, causing the detection to fail. If the test fails, the joint control will not be realized, which is the main reason why the control of the biogas storage cabinet is relatively primitive. 7. High energy consumption Many companies use a blower to inflate the outer membrane 24 hours a day for their own simple manufacturing. The excess gas is discharged through a tightly sealed pressure regulating valve. The advantage of this is that even if the inner membrane leaks, it can be circulated, but the downside is that the annual energy consumption is tens of thousands of yuan. Moreover, once the power is cut off, the film will quickly collapse due to the tight seal. Http://news.chinawj.com.cn Operation and maintenance of biogas storage cabinet

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