Analysis of the rule conditions for bearing convention viewing

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Analysis of the rule conditions for bearing convention viewing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-13

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The practice of rolling bearing products is reviewed; it is necessary to comply with the rules of the national code.
(1) The temperature condition when measuring the temperature is 20 °C; the temperature of the bearing, the gauge block, the gauge and the measuring instrument are the same; the above method of placing them on the same metal plate can be the most Complete the necessary temperature balance quickly; otherwise it takes several hours or even a few days to reach this balance.
In order to get the correct measurement results; foreign relying on the mechanization of measurement to prevent human hands from touching these objects; or wearing insulated gloves for operation.
(2) The rule of the measurement area is about the inner diameter or the outer diameter of the bearing; the domestic rule is measured within the area where the south end of the ferrule is a maximum chamfer coordinate; and the foreign multi-rule is two at each end of the ferrule. Measure within the area of ​​the chamfering coordinates.
(3) The rule of the scale benchmark is to measure the common scale of the bearing scale in the comparison measurement method; the ruled gauge block or the gauge part is used as the scale benchmark for the comparison measurement; the gauge block needs to conform to the rules of the standard JB/T1078 “quantity block”. It is necessary for the specification to conform to the rules of the competent authority of the manufacturer.
(4) The appearance of the measurement of the external appearance is necessary to pass the calibration; and it has the accuracy and amplification ratio suitable for the bearing to be tested.
(5) The allowable measurement error can in principle allow the measurement error to be less than 10% of the public service.
(6) The radius of the probe and the pressure of the gauge to reduce the measurement error; it is necessary to be within the range of energy; strive to reduce the pressure of the gauge - measure the force; and increase the radius of curvature of the probe.
When measuring the inner and outer diameter of the bearing; the measuring force and the radius of curvature of the probe can be selected.
(7) When measuring the mandrel used in the measurement of Kia, Kea and Sd of the bearing; about the cylindrical hole bearing; the taper of the taper mandrel used in principle is 1/5000-1/10000; about the tapered hole uranium bearing; The fundamental taper rule for the taper mandrel used is 1/12.
(8) Rules for measuring load When measuring Kia, Kea and Sia, Sea, etc.; the necessary measurement load should be applied; the rolling body and the ferrule should be in the normal touch position; to obtain a stable measurement value.
(9) The rule for measuring the reference plane is about the usual rolling bearing; the non-printing end face of the ferrule is taken as the reference surface when measuring; about the angular touch ball bearing and the tapered roller bearing; the end face receiving the thrust load is taken as the reference surface.

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