Integrated wall panels One square meter How much money integrated wallboard What are the characteristics

Nowadays, people's requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher. Unlike previous years, it is only necessary to have a comfortable decoration. Nowadays, decoration must not only look good, but also have environmental protection and health awareness, and pay more attention to personal experience. Feeling to think about it. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the integration of wall panels, how much is a square meter, and what are the characteristics of integrated wallboard.

How Much is the Integrated Wallboard?

At present, the price of integrated wall surface is divided into several categories. In general, it is divided into three grades: low grade, mid-range, and high grade. Their prices are 100-180 yuan/square, 180-288 yuan/square, and 288-499 respectively. Yuan/square (including labor). Decoration material algorithm: decoration wall cost = floor area * 3 * unit price, for example, your house is 100 square meters, then you use the price of 200 yuan / square, then the decoration cost is probably about 60,000 yuan (100 *3*200). This method is also only a rough estimate, and the specific area still has to be measured according to the actual situation.

There are several factors that make up the difference in the price of one square meter of integrated wallboard : The first is the choice of substrate, the choice of film, the choice of wall glue, the cost of the store, the design cost, and the cost of manual installation.

What are the characteristics of integrated wallboard

1, thermal insulation

This material is also tested by the national authoritative department to find out that its thermal insulation performance exceeds the country's existing standards, and there are also comparisons. The installation room and common plate installation room temperature is about 7 degrees; if you take it There is a difference of 10 degrees from the paint, so the customer material is also the best material for the hot summer in the south and the cold wall decoration in the winter in the north. At the same time, this material has its unique thermal insulation properties. This product is also very suitable for use in the space of the balcony, the sun room and the top floor of the villa to completely solve the top layer of sunlight. Using it can achieve significant energy savings, so this material is also said to be an energy-saving decorative material advocated by the country.

2, soundproofing

This is also detected by the national authoritative department, and its sound insulation effect can reach 29 decibels. This effect is also equivalent to the sound insulation of the solid wall. If it is used in the bathroom, it can obviously solve the underwater sound of the water pipe. At the same time, Kinds of materials are also very suitable for use in various types of soundproof rooms.

3, fire prevention

This integrated wall surface is also tested by the national authoritative department to reach the b1 level of fire protection, so this material is basically to meet the fire safety requirements of the project.

4, super hardness

This product is a composite of aluminum alloy sheet and polyurethane, this product also increases the strength and hardness, and it can also be installed on various types of retaining wall.

5, waterproof and moisture

This product's moisture resistance is also relatively good, especially adapted to the south of the decoration, so as to help people solve the leakage of the wall decoration of the southern home renovation to form a moldy phenomenon.

6, green

The raw materials used at the surface of the product are also green products. This kind of material is also environmentally friendly and odorless when installed in the room. At the same time, it also saves you time.

Summary: Regarding the integration of wallboard, how much is a square meter and what features of integrated wallboard are related to this, integrated wallboard is still a lot unique, because it has such an advantage, so it is affected by many people. Like, more and more people are starting to use it.