Huari Refrigerator Repair Method Huari Refrigerator Failure Cause

When it comes to the refrigerator, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar. Every household has household appliances. Huari Refrigerator, one of the most familiar brands in the country, is of quality. However, if you use it for a long time, it will inevitably lead to problems like this or that. Then how can we repair the refrigerator repair ? Today we will take a look at the relevant contents of the refrigerator repair in Huari . Let's learn to learn from it!

Huari refrigerator repair - refrigerator does not cool

Situation 1. Check if each temperature zone of the refrigerator is turned off. If one of the temperature zones is turned off, the temperature will not be displayed. There is also a situation where the entire refrigerator temperature will not be displayed after a certain temperature zone is closed. If the switch is normal, one of the temperature zones is not cooled, and there is no cooling in the freezer zone, you can look at the sensor parameters of the refrigerator.

Condition 2. If the solenoid valve is operating normally, the capillary of the refrigerator may be clogged. Use the exclusion method to check the cause. When there is a refrigerator without cooling, and sometimes cooling, it may be blocked by ice. In other cases, nitrogen blowing lines can be used to see if they are unobstructed, possibly due to blockage or oil-gas plugging.

Situation 3: If the refrigerator is not cooling, check the system to see if the refrigerant can be ejected in sufficient quantity, and check whether the compressor can be exhausted and eliminated one by one.

Huari refrigerator repair - poor refrigerator cooling effect

Situation 1. If each function is operating normally, check whether the ambient temperature in the refrigerator is lower than 16 degrees. If it is lower than the temperature, you need to open the low temperature compensation switch. If it is turned on, the temperature remains unchanged, and it is possible to detect whether there is a fault in the refrigerator through the magnetic sensitive temperature switch and the heating wire. If all of them are normal, but no voltage input is checked, it can be inferred to be a problem of the line or the main control board.

Situation 2, placing too much food, beyond the refrigerator's installed food capacity line, will also affect the refrigerator's cooling effect.

Case 3: Since there is no cooling problem caused by defrosting in time, you need to manually defrost the refrigerator. You can check whether the refrigerator has not been defrosted for a few months. If the frost layer is too thick, the refrigerator's cooling and heating cannot be converted. If it is a refrigerator with a defrosting function, you can open the lid of the evaporator and check whether there is a thick layer of frost and if so, check whether the resistance of the frost heating wire is smooth.

Situation 4. The user has too many switch refrigerators, and the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, resulting in poor cooling effect and checking whether the door is closed properly.

With regard to the maintenance methods and reasons of Huari Refrigerator , I will introduce it here and I hope to help you. If you still want to learn more about the relevant content of the China-Japan refrigerator, or need to know more about the refrigerator, you can pay attention to our information articles on this site, exciting content waiting for you.

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