How to install the integrated ceiling installation method

In the kitchen and bathroom, the installation of integrated ceiling is a very common phenomenon, because of its simple and beautiful appearance, as well as a variety of functions of heating and ventilation, favored by people. Today, with the advancement of design technology and product technology, the installation of integrated ceilings has been customized for the whole house. The following to understand the installation method and attention to the next integrated ceiling , in order to prepare the reference for home decoration needs.

First, integrated ceiling installation method

1, six screw installation

1) According to a good measure, screw the expansion tube screw into the brick hole in the ceiling. Note that the height of the sandwich between the ceiling and the roof is not less than 625px. The screw must be perpendicular to the ceiling and securely fixed. The six screws should be parallel to each other. .

2) Take an average of six points on the ceiling and use electric hammer to drill holes, but do not affect the installation of electrical appliances. Measure the distance from the top to the corner line, one of which is screwed on a nut and screw the expansion screw on the other side; screw the nut on the other side, put the main keel hanging piece, and screw in a nut to fix.

3) Insert the expansion screw and screw into the hole, and connect the big ceiling with the screw with 6mm diameter. Screw the nut into the screw, then insert the big hanging piece, then screw in the nut, and so on. .

2, keel installation

The installation of the keel is very important, and the installation of the keel and the electrical appliance will be much smoother.

1) Insert the main keel on the hanging piece and cut it to the required size. After the card is inserted, pay attention to keeping the main keel parallel.

2) Put the triangle hanging piece into the triangular keel, and then fix it on the main keel. Before fixing the triangular keel, adjust the distance between each keel to 300mm. The outlet ducts of the range hoods are arranged in front of the gussets and are not required if no range hoods are installed. Pay attention to the opposite of the same triangle card keel hanging on the main keel, so that it will not swing when the installation continues.

3, install the buckle board

1) Insert the connector into the fixed triangular keel and cut the required length to insert the other end of the connector.

2) Install the gusset plate. First lift the film on the four sides of the gusset and install it in the same direction as the arrow on the film. The first row of gussets is generally installed with a utility knife for cutting. Attention should be paid to appearance and symmetry, and the cutting edge should face the wall.

3) The cut gusset plate is stuck in the triangular keel, and the notch surface is placed on the rim strip and the card angle of the hem strip is pulled to clamp the gusset plate. As an example, the first row of gusset plate is installed. Control the gap between the first row of pinch plates so that the pinch plate spacing is 0, the four corners are in a “10” shape, and the pinch plate surface height must be the same. The installation quality of the first version of the gusset plate directly determines the installation quality of the rear gusset plate.

4, install electrical appliances

1) Insert one side of the retainer spring into the circular hole in the mounting clip spring of the cabinet, and insert the machine screw into the round hole on the electrical cabinet and lock it. The box body with the snap spring installed is placed on the keel. The open slots of the four snap springs are pressed in turn against the triangular keel, and the electrical box body is firmly locked on the triangular keel.

2) Next open the junction box, according to the corresponding function according to the connection label to connect, and then install the switch test whether the power, cover the junction box after power.

3) At the end of the integrated ceiling installation method , it is necessary to check the overall situation, whether the buckling plate is flat or not, and the electrical appliances can all be used normally. Here, the installation of the integrated ceiling is basically completed.

Second, install integrated ceiling precautions

Before installing the ceiling, make sure there is no water leakage in the place where it needs to be installed to ensure the smoothness of the infrastructure such as the circuit; predict the height of the room after installation is convenient for the installation of the corner line; check the strength of the place to be installed, if the strength If you do not meet the requirements, you need to take reinforcement measures.

Xiaobian conclusion: The above is the introduction of integrated ceiling installation method and the installation of what need to pay attention to the introduction, I hope this content helps everyone play a role. Although the current home improvement is almost handed over to professional decoration masters, if you also know a little, it is also helpful.

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