The Belt and Road National Transportation Hub Blueprint emerges in the middle and will be built in the shape of a high-speed rail network.

Abstract According to the guiding documents such as the “Central Plains Urban Agglomeration Development Plan”, China will accelerate the construction of transportation infrastructure in the central region with Zhengzhou, Hefei and other cities as the core, and comprehensively build a “meter” shaped high-speed rail network, “four vertical six.. .
According to the guiding documents such as the “Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration Development Plan”, China will speed up the construction of transportation infrastructure in the central region with Zhengzhou, Hefei and other cities as the core, and comprehensively build a “meter” shaped high-speed rail network and “four vertical and six horizontal” freight. The trunk railway network and the regional road network further improve the pattern of the main channel of external transportation in this region, and finally form a national transportation hub connecting the “One Belt and One Road” east-west channel, the industrial upgrading of the eastern, central and western regions, and the national “meter” shape. Industrial belt development laid the foundation for transportation.
According to the relevant guidance documents, the construction of transportation infrastructure in the central region will take the land bridge channel as the main axis, rely on the national railway and highway main channel, and connect the central cities in the central region to strengthen the links with the cities along the line, surrounding areas and coastal port groups. After the construction of the relevant transportation infrastructure is completed, the central region can be transported by rail freight trains to expand the coastal port group; the west can use the Central European train to directly connect to major European cities such as Hamburg, Luxembourg, and Frankfurt, and finally form a joint European city. Asia's international logistics channel "One Belt, One Road" important transportation hub.
The list of key projects for the comprehensive transportation system construction in the central region, which was exclusively obtained by the reporter, shows that in the railway transportation hub, the central region will improve the function of the Zhengzhou Railway Container Center Station, and build the Zhengzhou South Railway Station Hub and Zhengzhou Putian and Xuedian logistics bases. Zhengzhou Station to Xiaolizhuang to Putian Contact Line, planning and construction of Zhengzhou high-speed rail express logistics distribution center; new high-speed railway passenger transport hubs such as Fuyang East Station, Heze Station and Liaocheng Station; promoting the construction of railway logistics bases such as Anyang, Xinxiang and Nanyang.
In terms of high-speed rail construction, the goal of building a “meter” shaped high-speed rail network will be to build Zheng (state) Xu (state), Zheng (state) Wan (state), Zheng (state) 阜 (yang), Tai (original) coke (作), Zheng (State) Ji (South), Shang (Qiu) He (Fei) Hang (State), Qu (阜) He (Ze) Lan (Kao) Railway; Advance (North) Jingjiu (Dragon), etc. At the same time, the construction of high-speed rail, planning and researching high-speed railways such as Liao (City) 邯 (郸) Chang (Zheng), and the feasibility of constructing the West Passage of Ning (Nanjing) West (An) High-speed Railway and Hu (Hot) South (Ning) High-speed Railway.
In terms of trunk railways, we will build a “four vertical and six horizontal” freight trunk railway network, and build a railway from Mengxi to Huazhong and Sanmenxia via Zhangzhou to Jiangsu coastal ports, and promote Yuncheng to Sanmenxia Railway, Xingtai to Heshun Railway, Heze to The railway construction of the Pei County Railway and the Sanmenxia Section of the Longhai Railway was carried out, and the expansion of the Jiaoliu Railway was carried out, and the preliminary work of the Xingtai-Huangyi Port Double Line Project was started. In addition, the central region will accelerate the construction of several inter-city railways and local railways to form a multi-level railway transportation network.
In terms of road construction, we will accelerate the promotion of Hobei Expressway (G59), Hebao Expressway (G3511), Qinglan Expressway (G22) Tai'an to Liaocheng Section, Deshang Expressway (G3W), Daguang Expressway (G45), Xiangyang Zhiyang New Section, etc. National highway main channel construction, planning and construction of Heze to Zaozhuang, Linzhou to Jiaozuo, Hexu high-speed solid town connection line, Hefei to Huoqiu to Fuyang, Wei to Wuhe, Fuyang to Huaibin, Xuzhou to Huaibei to Xiangyang, Mingguang A number of local expressway projects, such as Chaohu, Shijiazhuang and Linzhou Taihang Mountain. In addition, the focus will be on speeding up the upgrading of ordinary trunk roads with primary roads and secondary roads within the region, and speeding up the construction of the trans-Yellow River Bridge.
The industry generally believes that increasing the construction of transportation infrastructure in the central region will be an important measure to promote economic development in the central region and promote urbanization and industrial upgrading. Gao Yuwei, a researcher at the Bank of China International Finance Institute, told the Economic Information Daily that the construction of an international comprehensive transportation hub in the central region has a unique geographical advantage, but still requires a complete infrastructure as an important support. Further strengthening the construction of main channels such as high-speed rail and expressways will not only help to develop the hub economy, promote regional economic growth, but also help support the rise of the central region and the construction of the “Belt and Road”. Gao Yuwei suggested that the experience of cities such as Chicago, Atlanta and Memphis in the United States can be used to build a hub-type network city, and to build transportation, logistics and related industries into the comparative advantages of urban agglomerations, and to establish a unique position in the global value chain.
"In the past, we engaged in railways and engaged in urbanization, and urbanization was the construction of urban planning. The two were not fully integrated." Zhang Guohua, dean of the Comprehensive Transportation Planning Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, said in an interview with the Economic Information Daily that the infrastructure How to combine with urban agglomeration and urbanization strategy is the transformation that China must implement now. He also stressed that in the future, investment in transportation infrastructure and urbanization will develop effective investment, which will reflect the important value of promoting transportation infrastructure construction in the central region.
China Merchants Securities, Galaxy Securities and many other brokerage research reports pointed out that geographically, as an important transportation node area in the country, increasing the transportation infrastructure construction of high-speed rail, trunk railways and highways at all levels, on the one hand, can stimulate investment in the central region. It will promote regional economic development; on the other hand, it will deepen the integration of various regions in the eastern, central and western regions, promote industrial cooperation in various regions, form a national industrial synergy, and accelerate the process of industrial upgrading. From the perspective of the overall economic development of the country, the improvement of the national transportation hub capacity in the central region will also cooperate with the development of the “Belt and Road” to build a two-way logistics channel for both the east and the west, and provide guarantee for the deep development and overall coordination of the regional economy in China.

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