What are the joining policies and joining support of Ningzhi Smart Lock?

The marketization of smart homes brings us not only convenience and security, but also huge business opportunities. The development of the times and the progress of science and technology are not limited to this. In the future, there will be even greater appreciation of space, I believe that intelligent products The development will be better, especially the safety protection that we attach the most importance to. The emergence of smart locks is also an inevitable trend. Here we will introduce the joining information of Ning Zhi smart locks.

Ning Zhi smart lock joining conditions

1. All provinces, municipalities, prefecture-level cities, district and county agencies and distributors must strictly follow the Anhui Wings Home Technology Investment Development Co., Ltd. price list to implement the market price

2. The provincial agent cargo logistics delivery method is sent according to the requirements of the provincial agents, the provincial agents enjoy the following business price difference and turnover, the business is fully controlled by the provincial agents.

3. Orders are level one and level one by the municipal agency (no provincial agency) or provincial agency to the headquarters

4. The contract signing time is unified for 1 year


Ning Zhi smart lock joining support

1, the store is greater than or equal to 150 square meters according to the standard company subsidies 200 yuan per square of decoration costs, the store is less than or equal to 150 square meters of store subsidies 150 yuan per square of decoration costs (must be in accordance with the headquarters of the renovation of construction plans and independent storefront decoration can be decorated with subsidies to Return of payment form)

2, the local market brand promotion planning assistance and participation in the guidance

3, store decoration design (drawing set) free guidance

4. On the day of opening, the company appoints relevant team members to support the opening

5, unified provide all levels of agents to do holiday promotions

6, to participate in the entire shop to study the qualifications, manager, shopping guide free training

7, the provincial agent headquarters will appoint a business staff stationed in the province for the auxiliary provincial agents to better operate the market

8, store-level dealers: give a sample door

The above is to provide everyone with Ningzhi smart lock to join the information, I hope to be able to help everyone, these are for your reference, I believe we all have considerations, if you want to know more about joining information, please click smart lock to join the policy information.

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