Why pipes with steel stamps

Recently, there are many new customers who would like to have Woyou toner cartridges to ask why the netizens' stainless steel pipes should be stamped with steel stamps. Today, we have a stainless steel Xiaobian to explain why stainless steel coffins are stamped:

The first is to distinguish materials. A lot of stainless steel pipes will be printed with materials, whether it is 201 or 304 or 316, stainless steel pipe body will have these obvious logos, so that we all clearly see that this will avoid a lot of suspicion to take 201 as 304 sell similar event. These material markings also indicate that these stainless steel tubes meet the relevant material content standards.


Followed by the manufacturer brand. In addition to the material outside the basic will be printed on the brand Logo, one to distinguish with other manufacturers, the second is to do propaganda for the manufacturers, the third is for the user to find problems can find the manufacturer, and vice versa will help manufacturers recommend.

The best is the specification model. Compared with the stainless steel pipe labelled on the nozzle, the stencil has a specification thickness. First, it is convenient for the processing user to confuse the pipe when processing, and the second is to make the user feel relieved that he cannot cut corners.

This is the purpose of the stainless steel pipe and steel that Xiaobian thinks of is mainly these three points. If you have a good point of view, please share it out, thank you! !

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