Is the wall on the floor good? The advantages and disadvantages of the wall on the floor

We all know that the so-called floor is a plank that is laid on the ground. In the traditional sense, the wooden floor is used to lay on the ground. However, there are always some people who are different from ordinary people and break through the conventions. For example, the floor will be floored. On the wall, not to mention, it was really good looking, so this idea was promoted. However, we also know that wood floors were originally used on the ground. With such an innovation, people could not help but worry that there would be no “side effects” on the wall. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the wall on the floor ? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the wall on the floor now!

The advantages of the wall on the floor

1, high value

Don't argue whether the walls are good wallpapers or latex paints. They are LOW compared to the floor. Want a warm and natural home? Want a home that's warm, natural and comfortable? Do you want a warm, natural and comfortable home with a warm winter and cool summer? What better way to achieve these effects than the wall on the floor? The wooden texture with a sense of design; hand-sculpted patterns; wooden wood distribution; absolutely let friends at home to be a guest.

2, adjustment function

We all know that wood has the functions of cool in winter and cool in summer, humidity in room temperature, and moisture absorption. Therefore, if the interior is decorated with a floor, if the air humidity is too high, the wood absorbs some moisture from the air. Otherwise, Releases moisture, which produces a certain degree of regulation of indoor humidity and gives a comfortable environment.

3, good sound insulation

Do not doubt, the sound-absorbing function of the board has always existed, and one of the advantages of the wall on the wooden floor is to prevent noise, which is not available in other wall materials.

Wall facing problems

1, hot and cold alternately lead to the plate off

Under the effect of temperature, the effect of thermal expansion and contraction of wood is very obvious, while a large area of ​​the wall on the floor, it is easy to cause the floor to fall off. Therefore, the wall technology on the wooden floor is best implemented in a small area of ​​the room, so that there are few wood on the wall, the area is small, and the influence between each other will be smaller. The possibility of shedding is also less!

2, water vapor caused the floor to tilt

The construction technique of the wooden floor on the wooden floor is basically the same as the laying of the ground. Before installation, the wall surface must be dry and clean. The water vapor must not be allowed to infiltrate the floor. This will make the floor tilt. It is best to do a waterproof treatment before laying, which is conducive to the life of the floor. The selection of wood flooring is best for solid wood flooring, because solid wood flooring is more likely to be deformed than composite flooring, and is not very suitable for walls.

3, laying technology affects the aesthetic level

Like the laying of wooden floors, the technical requirements for wall construction on wooden floors are particularly high. A small detail may cause the wooden floors on the walls to be weak or uneven and not uniform. Therefore, the construction technology of the wooden floors on the wooden floor Be sure to ask professional and experienced personnel to lay it out to ensure the firmness and beauty of the wall on the wooden floor.

With regard to the relevant content of the advantages and disadvantages of the wall on the floor , Xiao Bian has introduced it here for everyone and hopes to help everyone. The idea of ​​a wall on the floor is being favored by more and more people. Although the walls on the floor are very beautiful, we also need to know the shortcomings of the walls on the floor! For more information, please follow this site!

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