Two ways to tell you how Yajie smart lock

Nowadays, smart home is gradually entering everyone's life. Whether or not you have heard or talked about the word “smart”, smart homes are about to change everyone’s traditional life and bring you more safe and convenient smart life. . Smart lock is a product under the smart home. It is based on security doors and is responsible for protecting people's family security. The following uses the Yajie smart lock as an example to introduce guardians who guard people's family security.

brand power

As an old brand that has been established for more than 20 years, Guangdong Yajie has been striving for the corporate mission of “sharing a beautiful future with every family in the world” and is committed to technological innovation. Through continuous improvement and continuous improvement, Yajie has been shaping Industry benchmarks. Since its establishment, Yajie has won a good reputation from all walks of life with its excellent quality and excellent service, and has won the title of “China's Top Ten Lock King”.


Yajie regards the product quality as the life of the enterprise and the technological innovation as the driving force for development. It is committed to providing the user with a complete set of solutions for the product. Yajie has accumulated strong technical strength from its inception to the present. Especially in the research and development of lock products, Yajie has created “change 100 locks in the industry”, which has greatly promoted the development of the lock industry. Yajie's fingerprint locks and hotel IC card locks have been certified by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security MA, European CE and US FCC, and have become one of the most powerful smart lock brands in China. The new fingerprint identification technology, broad color gamut technology and antibacterial protection technology introduced by Yajie have had a profound impact on the smart lock industry.

Smart lock features

Reliability: It possesses unique and advanced fingerprint sensor technology and fingerprint identification algorithm, which has high reliability and few errors.

Security: It has been widely used in the security field and will become a high-growth industry in the near future. From the development trend, based on the existing equipment, the production of high-tech composite locks is an important way for traditional lock manufacturers to increase product profits.


Convenience: Through Yajie smart door locks and APP, users can easily implement various safe and convenient functions such as quick response, active detection, visual intercom, two-way communication, and remote control. In other words, the user can remotely control the opening and closing of the door lock through the mobile internet.

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