Is it good to use diatom mud in summer? Diatom mud construction need to pay attention to what

As a new type of wall surface material, diatom mud has been popularized by the masses since it was launched. Diatom mud in addition to its own material, environmental protection, decorative beauty, but also has the advantages of purifying the air, absorbing formaldehyde, fire retardant, prevent the growth of bacteria, regulate humidity and so on. Especially in summer, the weather is hot and humid, and the diatom mud wall can effectively remove moisture. Diatom mud is so good. Do you know how diatom mud is constructed ? Summer wall decoration diatom mud need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian now takes everyone to see how diatom mud works !

How to apply diatom mud?

1. Stirring

Add 90% of water for construction water to the mixing vessel, pour it into diatom mud for a few minutes, stir for about 10 minutes with an electric mixer, and mix with another 10% of water to adjust the consistency of the construction. Stir thoroughly before use.

2, smear

Two times: about 50 minutes after finishing the first smear, about 1 mm (according to the weather conditions in the scene, the surface is not sticky, and the material is filled in the case of exposed bottom), apply the second pass (thickness is about 1.5 Mm). The total thickness is between 1.5 mm and 3.0 mm.

3, texture design

Most people like flat diatom mud, like personality you can according to the actual environment, dry conditions, master the drying time, according to the method of making texture patterns.

4, received light

After the texture pattern is finished, the light is collected along the pattern lines with a grazing trowel.

What are the precautions for diatom mud decoration in summer?

1, summer decoration must pay attention to moisture issues

We all know that wet and rainy summer is not the best time for decoration, especially for wall decoration. Before decorating diatom mud on the wall, be sure to pay attention to whether the basement wall is dry and the humidity is appropriate, because the degree of moisture in the air in the summer is greater than the degree of moisture in the winter, diatom mud is not easy to dry after the wall, choose dry weather construction Helps extend the useful life of diatom mud.

2, pay attention to the use of weak alkaline diatom mud

The weakly alkaline diatom mud is relatively stable and does not cause powder fall-off. If a strong alkaline diatom mud is used, lime in the diatom mud will easily cause water absorption and a chemical reaction will cause powder fall-off.

3, diatom mud must pay attention to shelter during construction

Because the summer wind is large and the air circulation is fast, the diatom mud under construction will cause the diatom mud to dry quickly because it is blown by the wind. It has already dried up after the completion of the construction, resulting in a color difference in some convergence areas and affecting Diatom mud wall aesthetics.

4, pay attention to make moisturizing after construction

Although it is humid in summer, it is dry for a long period of time when it enters the sky. Therefore, before diatom mud is applied on the first pass, it is necessary to ensure that the wall surface is moist. It is better to coat the wall with water in advance.

During construction, if it is found that it is dry within less than a day, it is dry faster. Pay attention to moisturizing, watering the floor and increasing air humidity. Can not allow the wind to blow straight, natural dryness is the best.

The above is the relevant knowledge about how diatom mud is constructed by Xiaobian. We hope to help everyone! Diatom mud, after all, is a new type of material. People must pay attention to construction details when constructing and beware of construction errors. For more information, please follow this site!

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