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The door cover is actually the door frame. It has two functions. One is to separate the door and the wall so as not to get a wall when the door is opened or closed. The second is to fix the door to prevent the door from shaking or not being secure so as to avoid a safety accident. Therefore, the door cover is very important and must not be sloppy. Then, how to install the door cover it? Here we come to a detailed introduction: 2017 door decoration effect chart and how to install the bedroom door cover look better?

First, the door decoration effect chart appreciation

1, 2017 door decoration effect map - ancient

From the figure we can see that its style is very simple, and the original wood-colored material is full of ancient flavor, so that the door cover has a solemn and sacred feeling, which is very suitable for artistic and intensive home use, allowing you to feel art daily Edification, cultivate sentiments, improve artistic temperament.

2, 2017 Door Decoration Effect Picture --Art


From the figure we can see that this doorway is very artistic and the pure white facade presents an elegant artistic atmosphere. The exquisite border, perfect outline, and simple and delicate lines will not only enhance the stylish atmosphere of the doorway, but also enhance the owner's taste and temperament.

3, 2017 Door Decoration Effect Picture - Modern


Xiao Bian thinks that black and white can best represent modernization. Although the black and white matching door cover looks simple, the design is very innovative. The classic creation of black and white is even more influenced by a sense of random emotions. The classics are not complicated. They look good but they are innovative. The design and matching are very reasonable, giving you a more modern atmosphere. The modern door covers recommended by the Xiaobian above are simple but hidden in profound meaning. Everywhere is simple.

4, 2017 door decoration effect map - pastoral


This rustic style door cover Xiaobian is like, there is a kind of American pastoral feeling. Although both are white in front of them, but this absolutely pure white, is it right? To remove the long and complicated, to create a simple design, but also to create a noble quality.

5, 2017 Door Decoration Effect Picture - European Style


European style is one of the styles of door covers. It is more and more loved by consumers and is the choice of modern families. European-style door covers are mainly reflected in the luxury, but it looks luxurious, but it does not make people feel extravagant. Exquisite workmanship methods, high quality materials, achievements of the European style in the domestic market, the weapon. Xiao Bian felt that this door cover effect chart also looked very good.

Second, how to install the bedroom door cover look better:

1. First, we must first look at whether the inside corner of the door hole is square, whether the doorway is on a flat line, and then measure the upper line of the door hole from the reference line. Use a big core board as the lining board to nail it in the door hole. Liners are nailed directly to the wall. If the gap is too large, you must first do the bracket, use the big core board to fill the gap, wait, then install the liner; if the gap is small, you can fill with cement mortar, and then install the liner.

2, in the installation, you must first install the lateral liner, and then install the vertical liner, and then test nails, and other liner flat, nailed and nailed into the big core board.

3, to correct the door cover, and then with a wide strip of wood to withstand deformation. After the door cover is set up, do not rush to apply the decorative panel. This will help protect the finished product. Then press the door cover construction requirements to decorate the panel.

4. During the construction of the door cover, different internal and external methods should be adopted. In the middle, a 50 mm wooden bar should be used as the retaining door. Attach the 3 mm veneer to the panel of the large core board to make the panel of the door. The wood grain on the door should be horizontal and not vertical. The veneer, you must use the method of sticking nails, can not be used directly nail nails, etc. After the rubber dry, to remove the layering.


5, cover the side with the door line, nail the side of the repair door sleeve.

6, after the door line is installed, use glass glue to fill the gap, do "plate seam processing."

7. The density plate can be used instead of the door pocket substrate. The height of the door pocket line cannot be lower than the height of the baseboard. The kitchen and toilets should be treated with moisture.

8, after completion, use cardboard or foam to wrap the sun corner so as not to touch the paint.


The article summarizes: 2017 door decoration effect chart and how to install the bedroom door cover better to see the solid knowledge is introduced here. Door styles are varied and can be chosen with different home styles. It is not difficult to install door pockets. Just follow the above steps step by step.

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