The furniture market is too old to love the old man's furniture is difficult to replace the solid wood furniture

On November 3, 2012, the 7th China Old Age Industry Expo was successfully concluded. The exhibition included the disabled and rehabilitation care, medical institutions, barrier-free facilities, daily life aids and other elderly products. Most elderly people are favored. However, as a furniture item that goes with people, there is no special old-age furniture to appear at the fair. It is also difficult to find specialized elderly furniture in the major supermarkets of furniture, and there is no furniture store for the elderly. In response to this phenomenon, the reporter interviewed people in the furniture industry. The furniture market is too old to love the old man's furniture. It is difficult to display the bedding, cotton fabrics, home furnishing supplies for the elderly in the 7th old Expo homes for the elderly, but the elderly furniture is absent, many consumers I doubt this. Mr. Li, who participated in the exhibition, told reporters that as people get older, their physical fitness gradually declines. There are some specific requirements for daily necessities, such as mattresses, sofas, not too soft, and beds should not be too High, round corners of furniture without sharp corners, to prevent bumps and scratches, table cabinets should not be too high or too low. Children who want to be children also want to buy such products for the elderly at home. Whether in the old fair or in the outside furniture market, it is difficult for consumers to find furniture products that are suitable for the elderly and meet the needs of the elderly. This has become a heart disease for many children. Not long ago, at the Liangjiang Forum, there was a netizen named "叮叮 摆" who was in a "weird, can't find old-fashioned furniture in the furniture market?" ? "The post tells about his experience. When it comes to the Chung Yeung Festival, I want to buy furniture for the elderly at home, but it is difficult to find it in the market, and this netizen is very upset. "There are furniture for the elderly in the market, such as: natural mattresses, Chivas sofas, double-leaf homes, etc. They have furniture designed for the elderly." Zhang Zongrong, general manager of Southwestern District, said in an interview, the furniture market There are still furniture specially designed for the elderly, but they are relatively scattered, and they are not as mature and scale as children's furniture. The furniture for the elderly is not a large-scale solid wood furniture. When the post of the old man’s furniture was released, it immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. A netizen named “tea cup and water” talked in the thread, in order to give home The old man bought a set of furniture suitable for them, ran through the entire Chongqing furniture store, and eventually bought one or two. Ding Hua, president of Chongqing Custom Furniture Association, analyzed in the interview that the furniture market is now mainly divided into children's furniture and adult furniture, and the elderly furniture is contained in adult furniture. At the same time, the reporter immediately went to the major supermarkets in Chongqing to do a stepping on the field. As the netizens said, there are no old furniture market segments or specialty stores in the big stores. Only some furniture stores have products suitable for the elderly, but the number is extremely limited. A furniture salesperson named Li surnamed the reporter told me that there was no old-fashioned furniture before. The furniture for the elderly was similar to that of adults. However, most of the elderly would choose solid wood furniture. Most young people chose panel furniture. Zhang Zongrong, the general manager of the Southwestern District of the Real Estate, also confirmed this statement. "In our store, solid wood furniture sells very well, and most of them are bought by middle-aged people." As China's population ages, the demand for daily necessities for the elderly should also increase, and the requirements and demands for furniture should become more and more obvious. However, Xu Xiaoquan, the general manager of the Mingzhu Furniture Branch, has different opinions. Although there are many old people, most of the elderly are living with their children, and the elderly usually cater to their children's preferences. In addition, many elderly people are accustomed to a diligent and economical lifestyle, and are unwilling to spend money on their own or their children. This is one of the reasons why the elderly furniture market is not scaled.

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