How to prevent damage to building hardware?

Construction hardware is an indispensable building material in the modern construction industry. Whether it is door and window industry, plumbing industry, cabinet industry, furniture industry, decoration industry, etc., it will be widely applied to hardware products. Small construction hardware is not only in these The industry plays a very important role in connection and bearing. However, if you do not pay attention to the process of installing or using these products containing construction hardware, how to prevent damage to the hardware?

Measures to prevent damage to building hardware:

1. The model, specification and performance of the selected construction hardware should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the selected items.

2. For sliding windows with a width of more than 1m, or doors and windows with double glazing, double pulleys or rolling pulleys should be used.

3. To install the hardware with the fastening screws, a metal lining must be built in. The thickness of the lining should be at least twice the distance of the fastener. Do not fasten to plastic profiles or use non-metallic linings.

4, the construction hardware should be finally installed, door and window locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the window door fan is inserted into the frame to ensure correct position and flexible switch.

5, construction hardware should pay attention to lubrication, to prevent rust and corrosion.

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Label: How to prevent damage to building hardware?

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