How is Mashan wallpaper to pay attention to when constructing?

In terms of beautifying the living room, popular wallpapers have been popular in recent years. At present, the types of wallpapers on the decoration market include ordinary wallpapers with low prices; glass fiber wall cloths with fire-resistance and corrosion resistance, non-woven wall cloths with good air permeability, and wallpapers with plastic surfaces and stencils. In recent years, the rise of foam wallpaper, due to uneven surface, strong three-dimensional, winning people's favor. Xiao Bian today to recommend Mahshang wallpaper .

Mashang wallpaper is a brand of Hangzhou Mashang Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011. It is a large-scale enterprise engaged in the sales, marketing, and research of construction materials such as wallpaper, and is dedicated to the sales of e-commerce. Hangzhou Masun Technology Co., Ltd. formerly represented the United States, Belgium, Germany, Italy and other international famous brands, and later engaged in wallpaper product design and R&D. It invested and opened factories in 2006. After many years of meticulous construction, the company has assembled senior professionals in the industry. The R&D team that was formed involved the introduction of advanced production technologies from Europe and the United States and actively participated in exchange seminars with international counterparts. It has effectively supported the company's technological innovation and product development gradually synchronizing with the international advanced level, making it a worthy domestic strength.

Construction Notes

1) During the construction, the construction should be conducted in a season where the relative humidity of the air is less than 85% and the temperature should not drastically change. Avoid construction during wet seasons and on wet walls.

2) During construction, doors and windows should be opened during the day to maintain ventilation; doors and windows should be closed at night to prevent moisture from entering. The wall paper that has just been affixed to the wall is prohibited from being blown by strong winds, which will affect its surface fastness.

3) The adhesive solution that overflows when pasting wallpaper wallpaper should be wiped clean with a clean towel at any time, especially the glue marks at the joints, and it should be handled cleanly. This must be carefully and carefully viewed by construction personnel or supervisors. The construction personnel will keep their hands and tools clean. If they are stained, they should be cleaned with soapy water or detergent.

4) Foaming wallpaper wall covering is easy to accumulate ash, affecting the appearance and cleanliness, cleaning once every 3-6 months. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush to scrub with water, taking care not to infiltrate water into the joints.

5) Do not use good wallpaper and pay attention to prevent hard objects or sharp objects from scratching. After a certain period of time, cracking of joints in some places must be subsidized in a timely manner and cannot be allowed to develop.

6) The wallpaper of the bathroom should be opened in time when the water droplets and water vapor are hung on the wall and the exhaust fan should be opened in time. Or use a dry towel to wipe the clean water first, because in the long term, the quality of the wallpaper will be damaged and white spots will appear. bubble;

7) Too dry rooms should be opened in time to avoid direct sunlight for too long, otherwise it will have a negative impact on dark wallpaper colors.

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