Introduction table tennis plastic floor

Advantages of special floor for table tennis competitions:

1) The stability of table tennis competition special floor product structure adds 1000D glass fiber reinforcement mesh and special mesh cloth fiber reinforced layer, which ensures the stability and firmness of the product in the process of movement, and plays an automatic role. Reinforcement effect.

2) The firmness of the bottom layer of the foamed layer of table tennis plastic floor is provided with lines. The reasonable weight can be combined with the artificial roller bowl to discharge the air between the floor and the ground after the site is rolled out to form a relative vacuum state and have more adhesion. More stable during exercise.

3) The surface of the special floor for comfort table tennis matches is specially treated to match the brightness of the lights. It will not absorb light and reflect glare. It can better protect the eyes of athletes and is not prone to fatigue. The total thickness is 4.5mm, with proper foaming. The bottom layer is a buffer layer, making it more shock-absorbing and rebounding. Effectively reduce the impact of the athlete's legs, feel comfortable, better avoid sports injuries, improve the level of athletes to play.

4) Durability and wear resistance The brand-name table tennis competition special floor uses 100% pure pvc quality material, the surface layer is treated with special high environmental protection high-tech material TPU technology, and has the best durability and wear resistance, thus increasing the floor The service life.

5) It is easy to maintain the special floor surface of table tennis competitions (especially the surface layer with special high-tech TPU treatment) to eliminate external pollution, such as surface contamination, with a clean mop and clean water. Focused dirt can be cleaned with a neutral detergent. Single-pored closed pvc bottom layer 554 lines through a sense of astringent, waterproof, anti-mildew, antibacterial treatment, so that the product itself has a self-protection barrier, thereby enhancing the product's self-pollution function!

6) Excellent noise reduction effect (25db/28db reduction) The floor thickness of the special flooring standard for table tennis matches, together with suitable resilience and reasonable shock absorption, has a sound-absorbing function in sports and sound insulation effect.

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