Clever use of hardware small equipment cabinet corners all flexible

Nowadays, many people like L-shaped or U-shaped cabinets when designing cabinets. The problem that such cabinets are exposed immediately is that there are many dead ends in the cabinets, which wastes space and is inconvenient to operate. So how do we solve these dead corners to make room for the kitchen and easy to operate? Introduce 5 small devices to make your cabinet corners all flexible.

There are three types of cabinet design: "one" type, "L" type and "U" type. If the corner is not used well, there will be a "dead angle", which wastes space and is unfavorable. Therefore, you should consult before buying the cabinet, and then use several kinds of equipment to easily change the cabinet "dead corner".

Rotating system

As the name implies, this is a kitchen accessory that can be rotated. It is the feature that it can be rotated automatically by simply pushing it with one hand, avoiding the defect that the hand at the corner does not reach the innermost part, making it very convenient to take things.

Its beautiful and unique shape makes it possible to connect the cabinets on both sides.

2. Automatic basket

When the door is opened, the automatic basket can be pulled out together at the end of the door.

When you put it back, just push the door directly, you can bring the basket back automatically, so you can avoid half body when you are looking for something.

3. Countertop trash can

If there is no thing in the upper layer of the corner, you can also open a hole in the countertop to make a countertop trash can. If you don’t use the waste for cooking, you can throw it into the trash can next to it, saving time and saving. The strength of bending and bypassing.

In the doorway below the trash can, you can also store some items that are not commonly used.

4. Pulling the dining table

It is best to be in the kitchen when you want to dine in a simple meal. It is more convenient to prepare meals or after meals. However, if the kitchen has a limited area, it is more difficult to put a dining table in the kitchen. In fact, it is much more convenient to use a pull-out dining table that can be used at any time without occupying an area.

When two or three people eat a simpler breakfast, they can pull out the 1.5-meter dining table and push it back after eating, which saves space and makes the busy morning order.

5. Temporary console

Sometimes when you come to your home, you need to prepare some meals. If you want to put more dishes at the same time, you can't put it down! Put on the table again, move around and go hard, don't say that there is not necessarily a suitable table available.

At this time, the temporary operation table can be used. When it is connected with the table top, the table area of ​​the meal preparation table can be enlarged. After use, it can be restored with a push, which is simple and convenient to use, and saves space.

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