Concern: the increasing consumption of furniture, the rational material consultation

“What board is this bed used for?” “Can this table be replaced with German EGGER E0 grade?”, currently in the panel furniture area of ​​the store, you can often hear such inquiries from consumers, even furniture sales consultants. I am amazed: the consumers are becoming more and more professional and more and more knowledgeable. ■ Material consultation is gradually increasing. In the sales of panel furniture, some brand companies have begun to actively introduce the raw materials of furniture to consumers. The reporter stopped at the home of a furniture bed in the North Fourth Ring Store (see map). The shopping guide immediately came to the reporter: "This bed is a new product this year, the bed is connected to the cabinet. It is processed by Jilin Sengong Lushuihe EI grade plate, and the price is 2700 yuan. You can also choose German EGGER plate. For example, the price of EGGER E1 grade plate is 3730 yuan. If the price of EGGER E0 grade plate is 4310 Yuan..." When the reporter walked to the top 100 furniture, Guoan Jiamei Furniture Exhibition Hall, the salesperson will take the initiative to clearly tell the reporter that the difference and price of different plates are different. Some furniture sales consultants also told reporters that in the past few years, consumers simply did not know how to ask about the material. If they asked, they would only ask what board they used. When the salesperson told her that it was a wood-based panel, it would not go any further. ask. Since this year, more and more consumers have actively asked about the brand of the plate and the environmental protection factor, and it is obvious that the professional quality of consumers is increasing. ■ Brand companies pay attention to material marketing In recent years, panel furniture has become more and more popular among consumers due to its detachable, stylish appearance, stable quality and affordable price. However, for a period of time, consumers are only concerned with furniture styles and colors. External standards such as brands, and rarely pay attention to the intrinsic material texture and brand under the furniture skin. However, with the negative news that some panel furniture caused indoor pollution, people began to pay attention to the environmental protection of panel furniture, and they turned their attention to the material of the sheet under the skin. Therefore, some brand furniture companies began to make active propaganda of manufacturing materials while they were questioning their eyes, while promoting visual standards such as styles and designs. In recent years, the emerging plate alliances, such as the “German EGGER Plate Alliance” and the “Odyssen Alliance”, are ostensibly strengthening the relationship between suppliers and users, but in essence they are aimed at promoting Environmental protection of furniture brands. So there is now a sales consultant to introduce the material brand and environmental protection factor sales. ■ The source of fuzzy materials for miscellaneous manufacturers At the same time, there are still a large number of miscellaneous brands in the panel furniture industry with many brands and manufacturers. The workshop management is also destined to use brand plates with higher cost and process requirements. . The reporter saw a sofa in a building materials market in the South Fourth Ring Road. The style and color were very similar to one of the top products of the top 100 furniture, but when the reporter asked the price, it was found that the difference was nearly three times. When the reporter asked about the condition of the sofa, the salesperson only told the reporter that it was a wood-based panel. When the reporter further inquired about the brand plate, the salesperson answered the Lushui River impatiently. When the reporter asked to see the proof materials of the Lushuihe plate. The sales staff did not respond. Some phenomena like this are still present in some small building materials cities other than the Fourth Ring. ■Experts: Look at the plate authorization. Liu Chen, secretary-general of the Beijing Branch of the Beijing Market Association, told reporters that after years of development, panel furniture has gradually evolved into competition for comprehensive strength, and the quality of materials has become a key link. . The consumer awareness of Chinese consumers has become more and more mature. When purchasing products, we must not only know what products are purchased, but also know how to buy raw materials. An industry insider who is inconvenient to disclose his name also reminds consumers that buying plate furniture must go to the regular store to buy a more well-known brand. If the consumer's favorite product is not well-known, the manufacturer should be required to provide the authorization of the plate supplier. And control swatches. Under normal circumstances, well-known brand plate companies will issue formal authorization letters to relevant manufacturers and provide standard swatches. And in the brand furniture showroom, sales consultants will take the initiative to show.

Seamless Aluminium Alloy Tube 

1.Features of Seamless Aluminum Tube

•No weld seams, preferred for pressure vessels
•More uniform anodizing appearance, especially on heavier wall sections
•No weld seams that could split in forming operation
•Increased structural integrity

2.Specification: Various size as customer's requirements

3.Material:A6063,A6061,A3003 and other series alu alloy        
4.Suface treatment: anodizing ,polishing,turning ,power coating,mill finish etc
5.Design:OEM,ODM,or design by ourselves
6.Equipment: CNC ,extruding machine,cold drawn machine,heating oven,straigtening machine,cutting machine  


OD Tolerance

ID Tolerance



Circular   run-out

























6. STANDARD PACKING: Wooden case/carton

7.OPTIONAL PACKING: Polyfoam  interleave inside, wooden case

seamless tube workshop

Trade Terms
1. Payment: 30% T/T in advance, 70% balance pay before delivery.  L/C at sight.
2. Delivery time: 20 days after deposit receiverd. If opening mould, plus 7-10 days.
3. Trade Term can be chosen depending on your requirements.
4. FOB Port: Shanghai

Aluminum Alloy Seamless Tube

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