The difference between aluminum wood doors and windows and solid wood doors and windows

[China Aluminum Network] Nowadays, many people like to choose some profiles that are natural, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, safe, and practical when they are decorating their houses. Today, I will introduce some aluminum-wood profiles to you.

As we all know, aluminum wood is made of wood and aluminum materials using a certain processing technology made of profiles, the general use of outdoor aluminum alloy, indoor use of solid wood. Why do we all like to use this type of profile? The more fundamental reason is her dual nature of “a strong, weatherable outer aluminum and beautiful natural wood”, followed by a low thermal conductivity coefficient of wood (0.01, which is lower than the 0.15 of the aluminum alloy in the middle of the broken bridge aluminum alloy. Several times), so wooden windows are more insulated, more energy-efficient product solutions.

Aluminum wrap wood (commonly known as German aluminum wrap wood, less aluminum profiles more wood).

Aluminium wood doors and windows advantages:

1. Indoor solid wood is tamping the atmosphere, natural luxury; outdoor color aluminum weathering, rain, sun, anti-corrosion, durable beautiful;

2. Through solid wood insulation, the effect is outstanding (wood heat transfer coefficient is 0.01), ensuring the necessary environmental protection and energy saving of the building;

3. Solid wood is usually treated with strict European standards and treated with professional paints to make it feel comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Aluminium wood defect:

1. Most of the solid wood profiles, the main force of the door and window materials, wood scarcity, high cost;

2. The outdoor aluminum alloy only plays a role in the protection of the surface. The solid wood is decorated with nylon connectors, and the high strength and toughness properties of the aluminum alloy itself are not played.

3. The manufacturing of profiles and the production of windows and doors are abound, and the equipment is expensive, the threshold is high, and the overall cost is difficult to reduce.

Wood package aluminum (commonly known as Italian wood aluminum, aluminum profile more aluminum).

Wood package aluminum doors and windows advantages:

1. The aluminum alloy part of the profile is mainly subjected to force, which ensures the high-strength wind pressure resistance of the doors and windows (the aluminum alloy features can be played);

2. Indoor solid wood decoration, feel comfortable, natural health, beautiful wood, with noble style and personality characteristics;

Wooden aluminum defect:

1. The heat insulation method is realized by the aluminum alloy broken bridge, and then attached and affixed with solid wood, the structure and the process are all complicated, and the quality control level of the production enterprise is required to be high;

2. Wood-clad aluminum profiles are also required to be manufactured by the door and window factory. Wood-clad aluminum is produced from the production of profiles to the production of windows and doors. The whole process requires expensive complete sets of equipment, and the process is complicated. The threshold of the project is high (ordinary window and door factories cannot do it).

Pure wood window (Strictly speaking, it is not wood-aluminum composite, outdoor aluminum alloy is only waterproof design).

Pure wood window advantages:

1. Luxurious atmosphere, highly decorative, fully demonstrating the nature of the property advocating natural, extraordinary quality;

2. Solid wood is usually treated with professional pre-treatment and lacquer treatment, which makes it feel comfortable and warm.

3. Low thermal conductivity of solid wood, excellent heat insulation, energy saving and environmental protection.

Pure wood window defects:

1. Noble wood, high cost, non-general property, hard to bear;

2. Outdoor sun exposure, outdoor paint treatment requirements are very high, old age, difficult to surface damage;

3. The wind pressure and safety of pure wood are not as good as those of aluminum alloys.

Summary: The doors and windows made of aluminum-wood composites are more economical, durable, and resistant to deformation and weathering. Of course, if the family members are rich, if they use solid wood, they will be able to change things after a long time.

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