Children's furniture new national standard threshold is difficult to enter the golden autumn double section to promote clear inventory

For many citizens who have new homes, buying children's furniture can be a big deal. Nowadays, many children's furniture have exposed many problems in the general satisfaction of the needs of consumers: there are many children's furniture brands on the market, but there are no detailed production, testing and sales standards. It is reported that the children's furniture is universal. Technical Conditions will be introduced in August this year to provide reference and guidance for consumers to purchase children's furniture. Recently, the reporter visited the furniture market in our city and found that many children's furniture manufacturers are worried that the non-standard products will be ordered to withdraw from the market, and they have started to reduce prices.
1. The new standard is more environmentally friendly. It is understood that the General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture has clearly defined that children's furniture should be suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 14. In addition to the detailed definition of the sharp corners, protruding parts, cavities, gap size and stability of children's furniture, the standards are more restrictive in the control of toxic and hazardous substances.
In addition, the standard specifies the limit indicators for heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatic amines in the main materials of the furniture; at the same time, in order to prevent children from hiding in the furniture for a long time, the children's closed furniture must have a breathable function; Indicates the applicable age range and safety warning signs, where the warning signs include “dangerous”, “warning” and “attention”. In the new standard, in addition to the routine detection of lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium four toxic substances, children's furniture also requires the detection of migratory elements such as bismuth, antimony, selenium, arsenic and so on.
According to industry insiders, the safety, environmental protection and practicality of children's furniture will be improved and improved after the implementation of the new standards. In addition to regulating the market, the new standard will also play a good guiding role for consumers to buy children's furniture.
2, merchants discounted empty inventory during the "May 1" small holiday, the reporter visited a number of furniture sales market in the city found that many children's furniture stores have posted the words "sell", "offer", discounts from 30% to 10% off.
"We have a very large discount during this period. As usual, the discount for children's furniture is generally smaller than that for adult furniture. Adult furniture is 60% off. Children's furniture will be 20% or 10% off. Now it is only 30% off. It is impossible to imagine. In a store, the sales staff told reporters.
In another store, the salesperson pointed to a set of furniture introductions. "This set of products is now a manufacturer's promotional price. The original price is 4,600 yuan, and now only sells 3,500 yuan." As for why the discount is so large, an insider Tell the reporter: "This is mainly because some manufacturers are worried that the existing products will not meet the new standards and are ordered to withdraw from the market. The new national standard has not yet been introduced, and the inventory is quickly cleared.
3, consumers do not know the new national standard business inventory, the consumer's reaction seems to be slower. In several large furniture stores in the city, the reporter randomly interviewed a number of consumers who are buying furniture for their children, but most of them said they did not know the contents of the new national standard.
Consumer Mr. Zhang is choosing a children's bed for his 8-year-old daughter. "I still don't know how to introduce this regulation. In what areas is the new regulation more strict?" Mr. Zhang, who was informed of the matter, quickly asked the reporter, "We chose furniture to see if there is formaldehyde, but did not expect children's furniture inside." There are so many doorways."
Mr. Zhang finally said: "The introduction of standards is a good thing, but more importantly, implementation and implementation, do not become a piece of paper."
The reporter found that consumers generally pay more attention to the material quality of the furniture and the environmental performance of the paint, but often overlook the environmental performance of children's mattresses and other textile products.
4, buy and beware of excessive color Although children's furniture has a special mandatory standard, but the multiple standards of furniture standards can not be identified by the naked eye, then how can consumers simply identify whether children's furniture is environmentally friendly?
Relevant experts from the industrial and commercial departments of the city reminded consumers that when purchasing children's furniture, they must first carefully check the furniture inspection report, whether it is a simple sheet test or a paint test. When signing a sales contract, the environmental protection guarantee should be clearly written. Merchants refuse to sign a guarantee, it is best not to buy.
Secondly, it is best to choose furniture with a small amount of binder, which has a relatively low formaldehyde content. The environmental protection levels are from low to high: MDF, particle board, large core board, plywood, laminated timber, laminated timber, solid wood.
Third, when consumers buy children's furniture, they should pay attention to selecting one-piece products with environmental protection labels and tested furniture, and try to avoid choosing furniture with too bright colors.
Finally, the design safety of children's furniture also needs special attention. The details such as corners, rivets, screws, etc. need to be carefully checked. The furniture with smooth corners should be selected to avoid children's rubbing.

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