The furniture industry may implement the non-destructive testing quality inspection standards

Is environmentally friendly furniture "true"? Does “zero formaldehyde” furniture really not release formaldehyde? These problems that consumers will question when purchasing furniture are about to be guaranteed by law.
Recently, the National Standard for Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture (Revised) has been drafted and will be introduced soon. In the future, after the furniture is sent for inspection, it is expected that the test will no longer be “opened and broken” and can continue to be used. According to the new standard, the furniture in the future can be placed in the environmental climate chamber for hazardous substances detection, and the furniture will not be damaged after the inspection.
It is understood that at present, the furniture testing method is based on the difference in material composition, sampling separately, and then the sample is placed in standard air for extraction and analysis, and non-destructive testing methods will be added in the future. According to Li Jiguang, deputy director of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the center has 11 large-scale environmental climate chambers, the largest 30 cubic meters, the smallest 1 cubic meter, for the overall inspection of furniture. “This method ensures that the furniture will not be destroyed after inspection and can continue to be used”.
It is reported that the new standard stipulates that the furniture can be tested in a constant temperature and humidity state with a temperature of 23 ° C and a humidity of 45%. Once the new national standard is introduced, sofas, mattresses, etc. can also be non-destructively tested according to this method.
According to the relevant person of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, summer is the season for consumers to send the most inspection furniture. The reason is that “the home is tasteful”. This summer, 40% of the furniture that consumers sent for inspection due to "smell" was found to be unqualified. The main reason for the failure was that formaldehyde exceeded the standard and the other six became qualified products. In a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, the release rate of odor in a unit time is accelerated, and when the ventilation condition is not good, the smell is strong, so the consumer may have a misunderstanding.
According to reports, the newly enacted "Natural Furniture Sofa Harmful Substances" and "Software Furniture Mattress Hazardous Substances" mandatory national standards will soon be introduced. This means that the quality inspection of sofas and mattresses will be incorporated into environmental protection projects. In the future, consumers can test the content of formaldehyde, heavy metals and plasticizers in soft furniture. It is expected that after the implementation of the new national standard, there will be a small peak in the inspection of soft furniture.
Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that the new national standard is more scientific, more rigorous, and the testing content is more diverse, and the protection for consumers will be more comprehensive.
According to industry insiders, in the previous furniture testing methods, there were always some laborious and unpleasant, and there were loopholes. Because there is a fundamental difference between the finished furniture and the set of furniture and the test sample. First of all, there is a great difference between the actual area and the area of ​​the test sample for the finished furniture and the set of furniture. For example, it takes about 3 square meters for a common desk to make a set of bedroom cabinets that require more than 10 square meters of board. Even a bedside cabinet requires about 1.5 square meters. The difference between the two areas is tens or even hundreds of times. The results of the old standard test cannot objectively and truly reflect the release of harmful substances in the finished furniture.
It is reported that the new standard is expected to be implemented as soon as the end of this year. The implementation of the new national standard will better protect consumers' home safety. According to the person in charge of the furniture association, the revised new furniture testing standard will demonstrate its advantages in three aspects: first, the overall testing, the results are more reliable; second, non-destructive testing, low detection risk; third, environmentally friendly furniture, more A veritable name.

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