Which is better, density board and particle board?

Sheet is the most important material for customizing cabinets and wardrobes today, and its quality directly determines the quality of the finished cabinets and wardrobes. So, MDF and particle board which is better it? They all have advantages and disadvantages so what? Here, please follow the analysis together MDF and particle board which is good!

1. Which is better, MDF and particle board

1. MDF

MDF, which is called MDF, is mainly composed of wood fibers mixed with other plant fibers, then crushed by the machine, fiber separation and drying, and then added with urea-formaldehyde resin or other matching adhesives, and finally formed by hot pressing Artificial board.

â‘ Advantages

The material of the density board is exquisite, and the edge of the cutting surface is excellent, so that it is not easy to open the glue for a long time. It is also very malleable, and can be pressed into various shapes and styles. It is often used as a door panel or back panel.

â‘¡ Disadvantages

Because the basic material is powder, the amount of glue used will be more than that of particle board, so it is easier to cause environmental problems. As we all know, the more glue is used, the more formaldehyde will be; also officially because of its large glue content, the content structure stability is slightly worse, so that the moisture resistance is not good. For example: If you soak a density board in water, the bubbles on the board will rise up after ten hours.

2. Particle board

Particle board, which is mainly made of wood and other wood fiber fragments, artificial board made by glue and hot pressing, the production process is basically the same, but the material board will be relatively small. The most widely distributed solid wood particle board on the market.

â‘ Advantages

The internal structure of the particle board has a cross structure that the MDF does not have, so it has strong nail-holding properties. This means that the board will not crack if you hit various nails. Due to the advantages of high density, particle board retains most of the characteristics of natural materials, so the glue used is less than that of density board, and the environmental protection is also better than density board; particle board has strong stability and strength, even if heavy clothes are hung It is also not easy to bend.

â‘¡ Disadvantages

The flatness of the particle board is not as good as the density board, if you want to do artistic modeling design, it is difficult!

3. Which plate to choose is good

Consumers choose plates, the starting point is their own, so the plate that suits their actual situation is the best. For example, the choice of the board material of the wardrobe is very important, but we are not blindly pursuing the highest quality board, so we can do our best. If you lose a lot because of the high grade of the plate, it will be worthless!

Summary of the article: The above is the whole content of the density board and particle board prepared by the editor for everyone, and the advantages and disadvantages of the density board and particle board. When you choose these two kinds of boards, it is recommended to choose according to the purpose of use, and to do everything possible is the best choice for decoration!

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