How to renovate an old house

The house has lived for a long time, looks dilapidated, and may also have many problems. Many owners want to renovate the old house, which may be more complicated than the new house. So, the following editors will share with you how to decorate the old house , as well as the 8 main points of the old house decoration, you can understand.

How to decorate an old house

1. Before we renovate the old house, we need to consider whether it is partial decoration or redecorating. If you want a good decoration effect, it is recommended to ask a professional designer for planning. You also need to budget for the renovation costs so that you can prepare enough money for renovations.

2. How to renovate the old house, we will definitely replace the old furniture during the renovation of the old house, but for good quality old furniture, personally feel that there is no need to replace it, you can apply paint to renovate the furniture, which can save some Renovation costs.

3. There is definitely an unreasonable design in the old house. When we are renovating, we should try not to demolish the walls and make the house pattern too large. If there is really no way, it depends on whether it is a load-bearing wall. If the load-bearing wall cannot be dismantled. When re-planning the house, it is necessary to consider the lighting effect of the house.

4. How to decorate the old house , the house has lived for a long time, and the water and electricity lines will definitely be aging. When we are renovating hydropower, it is best to ask a professional master to reform it. This can change the irregular layout of the previous hydropower and make your home electricity safer and more secure.

5. Do not exaggerate the ceiling when the old house is renovated. If it is too exaggerated, it will affect the indoor light and make people feel very depressed. Old doors and windows can be replaced with anti-theft doors to make the home safer. If the wall has cracks, water leaks, etc., it must be dealt with.

6. The bathroom in the old house is definitely not dry and wet. We can re-waterproof the bathroom when we renovate the bathroom. We attach waterproof tiles to the wall and do the wet and dry separation. According to our own needs, we can replace the bathroom products to make the bathroom function More powerful.

7. How to decorate the old house , we can use wallpaper, wall cloth, ceiling and other environmentally friendly materials for decoration. When choosing furniture and decorations, we must also look at its environmental protection, otherwise it will cause harm to our bodies.

8. After the house is renovated, the bedrooms will be allocated according to the family's preferences. The house needs to be ventilated, activated carbon, Chlorophytum, etc. to remove formaldehyde before moving in. If you are not in a hurry to check in, it is recommended to check in after half a year.

Editor's summary: Regarding how to decorate the old house , and the related content of the eight main points of the old house decoration, I will introduce you to here. If you want to know more about decoration knowledge, please continue to pay attention to our decoration information on this website, and the later wonderful will continue to show.

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