How to add hard mattress to the mattress

Mattresses are inseparable from every family. When we choose a mattress, everyone cares about its quality. After we were uncomfortable sleeping after the soft mattress we chose, everyone would consider that the mattress was hardened. So, do you know the methods of hardening the mattress? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the methods of hardening the mattress and what are the hard-fixing precautions!


What are the methods of hardening the mattress?

1. Remove the skeleton of the bed and replace it with a flat bed. The bed will be much harder. The skeleton: the skeleton is a new type of bed structure used with the mattress. The bed of the skeleton has a certain overall elasticity, which is more ergonomic and mechanical. Compared with the ordinary flat bed, the elasticity of the skeleton bed and the elasticity of the mattress make the person more comfortable when lying down.

2, remove the mat, the mattress is too soft, the mat may be too thick, directly remove the mat in the summer, direct bed shelves and sheets can achieve a certain hard requirements.

3, put a triangular cardboard on the waist, of course, if it is in the winter, the mattress can not be removed, it must be padded, then it is soft because the position of the waist is concave, it is recommended to directly at the waist of the sleeping local

Putting a piece of triangular cardboard has a certain effect.

4, the mat is under the cushion, the mat is placed under the cushion, which can also solve the problem that the mattress is too soft, and at the same time play a role in health care. Full-brown mattress, this material mattress is not only hard, but also pure natural coconut palm material, can play a good sleep effect.

5, the mat is placed under the cushion, you can also take out the mat used in the summer under the cushion, it can also solve the problem that the mat is too soft.

6. The wooden board is under the cushion. If there are no other props or mats in the house, and you don't want to buy a new mat, you can directly find the mat that matches the bed. Under the cushion, the mat is too soft. The problem.


What are the precautions for hardening the mattress?

1. The hard bed is not suitable for everyone: the wooden bed is lack of flexibility. When lying on the back, the shoulder blades, the appendix and the ankle are easily pressed, which affects the local blood return and the back muscles cannot relax. Due to local pressure and discomfort,

Frequently taking a proper sleeping position can easily lead to scoliosis, especially for young people. Therefore, the hardness of the mattress should be moderate.

2, the mattress is soft and moderate standard: it is best to experience the mattress when you buy it yourself. Lying flat on the bed, the hand is stretched under the waist. It may be that the mattress is too soft. On the contrary, if the waist and the mattress have a large gap, the mattress may be too hard. You can also sit at the corner of the bed and stand up. See if the mattress is quickly restored to its original shape.

3, the mattress is not as thick as possible: a latex mattress with a thickness of about 12 cm and a higher density, with a hardwood bottom, provides sufficient support. For a spring mattress to be durable, a mattress with a thickness of 12 to 18 cm is ideal. If the economic conditions do not allow, add a thin pad with a thickness of 5 to 9 cm on the wooden bed board. It is better to use the cotton wool texture because the cotton wool is breathable, and the soft and hard are moderate.

The mattress is inseparable from everyone, so it is critical that we find a mattress that suits us when we choose a mattress. The above is the method of hardening the mattress that is introduced to you today, and the hard-working precautions are over here. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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