Three points to join the ceramic tile agent

With the continuous development of the construction industry and the steady development of the ceramic tile market, the joining of ceramic tile agents has attracted many friends who want to start a business. However, how to do a good job in ceramic tile agent joining is what many franchisees care about, how to Good to master the joined products? Below, the editor will sort out some information for everyone, I hope to help you.

1. Three main points of joining tile agent

1. Before you decide to join the ceramic tile brand, you must know your own market and consumers' position clearly. If you are developing in second- or third-tier cities, the consumer groups belong to some ordinary people. In a word-of-mouth company that spends a lot of money on advertising, the quality of such a company is very guaranteed, because the cost of advertising is eliminated, and the cost performance is high. Consumers prefer the type.

2. In considering which brand of tiles to join, it is also necessary to consider the way in which enterprises and distributors cooperate. What kind of support can the agent brand bring to you.

3. The consideration of store location is an important factor in sales. You can choose a bustling commercial street with the most suitable street near the main traffic line and a relatively large passenger flow. Popular conditions are also relatively superior, and it is also more convenient for transportation. Although the rent will be relatively expensive, you must know that this is also a type of advertising. If you are renting a partly cheap place with cheap rentals, the advertising fee also needs to cost a certain amount, and it may not necessarily be taken care of. If the capital is not so strong, you can also choose to set up directly in the building materials market. The crowd here is dense, the goal is clear, and the transaction volume will be relatively high. More secure for development.

Second, what brand is good

1. Dongpeng ceramic tile DONGPENG

The Dongpeng brand was founded in 1972 and is a one-stop ceramic tile supplier in the industry. Its main business covers ceramic tiles, wooden floors, sanitary ware, ornaments, paints, etc. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and user-friendly services, which has made Dongpeng loved by consumers.

2. Marcopolo

Marco Polo Company is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, and is one of the largest ceramic tile suppliers in China. The brand occupies this ceramic tile market with its personality and strong cultural atmosphere. It is called "antique brick supreme" in the industry. "Impression" series products have a strong oriental Zen rhythm in design, which attracted extensive attention at home and abroad as soon as they came out. Marco Polo constantly cultivates the competitiveness of enterprises and strives to forge ahead towards a global brand.


Guanzhu was founded in 1993, the company has strong starting capital, up to 800 million yuan at the time of registration. Guanzhu has five major production bases and more than 22,000 employees. The company has more than 60 professional production lines and annual production capacity of more than 200 million square meters. It is one of the largest enterprises in the country.

Editor's summary: The above is an introduction about the joining of ceramic tile agents , and I hope it will be helpful to the entrepreneurs who will join the ceramic tile joining. Ceramic tiles consume a lot every year, and see the trend of growth. It is an important choice for creating a comfortable and warm home. Therefore, when choosing a brand to join, you must choose a company with excellent product quality and superior performance.

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Tile agent joining

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