How long does the villa decoration take?

Now that house prices continue to rise, owning a villa is everyone's dream. Compared with the average ordinary house, the villa has a much larger area, so the decoration project will be more. So, how long does the villa decoration take ? What are the villa decoration processes? Let's take a look with the editor!

How long will the villa be decorated

1. How long does it take to decorate the villa? The time it takes to decorate the villa is affected by the size of the house. If the area of ​​the villa is large, the longer it will take to decorate. However, the decoration efficiency can be improved reasonably, and the decoration cycle can be shortened accordingly.

2. Generally, the period of villa decoration is 3-6 months. However, some large-scale villa decoration projects will take more than 1 year. The decoration of the villa includes the basic projects such as tiles, wood, oil, water, electricity, etc., and also includes garden construction, civil engineering renovation, equipment installation, etc., so if there is no reasonable arrangement of decoration projects, the decoration time will be longer.

Villa decoration process introduction

1. Main body dismantling and alteration started on Jiji Day

Most people still pay much attention to Feng Shui, so before the villa is renovated, it is necessary to choose a good time for the main body to be demolished. Demolition and modification of the main body is a very important item in home improvement. It includes demolition of walls, masonry, shoveling, heating, and plastic steel windows.

2. Hydropower renovation

Be sure to determine the location of lamps, switches, bathtubs, washbasins, washing machines, etc. before the hydropower transformation, and also measure the position of the kitchen cabinets, so that the hydropower transformation will not be affected.

3. Guarantee

It is better to choose red brick or light steel keel for the guarantee material of the villa decoration, and avoid the use of wooden keel, because the wooden keel will rot after being wet, which will lead to some safety hazards. Before decorating the tiles in the villa, you must do a good job of brushing and waterproofing, and you must reserve expansion gaps when laying tiles.

4. Paint

The painting and scraping putty in the decoration of the villa are very particular, and there is no certain technology that cannot be operated, and its texture and technique have certain requirements. If you want to put wallpaper on the wall, you must wait until the wall is painted, and the wall of the wallpaper should be painted with nitro paint, and then you can paste the wallpaper after drying. Also, the socket panel of the kitchen is best equipped with a switch function, so that later check-in will be more convenient.

5. Kitchen and bathroom ceiling

When the villa kitchen is renovated, the installation position of the ceiling is also very particular. It is best to install it in a concealed location, and after installation, it is necessary to perform edge banding, so as not to affect the appearance. When installing kitchen cabinets, install as much as possible with the stove, range hood and sink.

The article summarizes: How long does it take for the villa to be decorated ? From the above, it can be known that the decoration time depends on the area of ​​the villa. The larger the area, the longer the decoration period. Everyone can refer to the above construction process when decorating the villa, and some places that need attention must be handled carefully.

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