This year it is popular to buy such a copy machine, not only cheap but also practical

Shenzhen Miweisi Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive modern enterprise that integrates x3d7cd2n and three-dimensional mold detection. It provides professional and high-quality reverse engineering solutions franchise agencies for our customers.

Shenzhen Mi Weisi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014-12-04, engaged in business services, IT software services, technical hardware and equipment. At present, branches and offices have spread across many cities and regions across the country. Established a product distribution and service network centered on Shenzhen and Bao'an District, covering the whole country. Extension details: MIWSS true color multi-view integrated 3D scanner, using imported lenses, imported industrial cameras, stable grating system. The main parts of the product are: 1, heavy mobile lifting frame, heavy mobile lifting operating platform has excellent mobile performance, can be fixed at any time in more complex terrain. The height is flexible, and the platform has all-round adjustable characteristics. The tray is configured on the platform, and accessories such as computers can be placed. When scanning large objects or objects that are not easy to move, such as easy to deform, use a heavy-duty mobile platform to adjust the position of the 3D scanner and scan the objects in all directions to achieve the best scanning effect and make the scanning work more efficient. 2. PTZ PTZ is the supporting device for installing and fixing the 3D scanner. According to the scanning requirements, the horizontal, overhead and upward angles of the 3D scanner can be adjusted on the gimbal to achieve the working posture angle to be scanned. After the scanning angle is adjusted, as long as the handle is locked, the scanning can be started. Maintenance service: During the warranty period of the equipment, if the equipment is damaged due to our quality reasons, we will maintain it for free; if it is not due to the quality of our equipment, our company is responsible for maintenance, the cost is negotiated by both parties. We provide lifetime maintenance of products. Products are outside the warranty period. Our company still provides technical services at a cost negotiated by both parties. Our company will keep in touch with users regularly to solve problems in time. If the equipment fails to be resolved by the user, our company will send professional technical staff to solve the problem.

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'This year it is popular to buy such a copy machine, not only cheap but also practical



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